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Men's Sheepskin Slippers 550-M

$89.50 USD

Brand Garneau

  • These low-cut men's indoor slippers are made of 100% genuine sheepskin. The entire inside of these slippers are hand-crafted out of thick and wooly sheepskin lining so they will keep your feet warm and cozy all winter long. The outside of these slippers is a durable and fine suede finish. These men's sheepskin slippers feature a cushioned removable insole to facilitate cleaning and increase product life.

    They have an ultra-durable soft suede sole. You can also choose to order them with a durable EVA rubber sole if you prefer hard soles or you want to extend the life of the slippers even longer. They come in two colors so you can choose the style you like the best. We carry them in either Navy or Black. Please note, we have limited stock of the Brown suede color and will no longer be carrying once it is sold out. These low-cut sheepskin slippers are high-quality and handmade in Quebec, Canada by Garneau & Co. Garneau & Co. designs and handcrafts high-quality sheepskin slippers. Their team of talented artisans, located in a design studio and workshop in the Eastern Townships, Québec, keeps traditional craftsmanship alive, all while creating stylish sheepskin slippers for today’s modern families. Don't miss out on owning your pair today.
  • SKU 550-M
    Material 100% Natural Sheepskin
    Manufacturing Made In Quebec Canada by Garneau & Co.
    Sole Ultra-Durable Suede or EVA Rubber
    In-Sole Sheepskin & Felt
    Size Available In Size S-XXL
    Color Black & Navy
    Lining 100% Natural Sheepskin
    Use Indoor
  • S 7 ½ - 8 ½
    M 9 - 10
    L 10 ½ - 11 ½
    XL 12 - 13
    XXL 14 - 15
    These men's sheepskin slippers fit true to size.
Made in Canada  Genuine Leather  Real Genuine Sheepskin

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