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Tana Fresh'ins Shoe Insoles, Lightly Fragranced

SKU:   768972-7

Size: 7




Tana Fresh'ins are disposable shoe inserts, with a light fragrance so you can enjoy a quick and easy way to feel fresh in your shoes. These insoles are ideal for women who like to go barefoot in their shoes, moccasins or runners.

Just slip a pair into any shoes; the breathable Fresh'ins with 6 layer technology, microfibers and light fragrance give you a feeling of freshness all day long. Ultra-thin and gentle to the touch, you can even wear them in close fitting shoes or with bare feet. Fresh'ins, the quick and easy way to leave your feet feeling fresh. Suitable for all types of shoes, all year round. For best results, replace within 5 days of wear. Place in your shoe with the anti-slip layer facing downwards.

The Tana Fresh'ins have a soft feeling surface which help draw moisture toward the absorption layer. The next layer has a micro-encapsulated fragrance to ensure fresh feet followed by a layer containing super absorber polymers (SAP) for optimal moisture absorption. Then, they have a light green back layer for firmness and an anti-slip layer.


ManufacturingTana / SC Johnson Canada
Size5 to 10
Quantity6 Pairs Per Package
ColorBeige with Green Back
TypeShoe Insert
UseInside Shoes or Slippers

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