Men's & Women's Cabin Slippers Gift Set GP30

Men's & Women's Cabin Slippers Gift Set GP30

$237.50 USD
Men's Shoe Size
Women's Shoe Size


This men's and women's gift set is the ultimate 'warm feet' gift. This package includes sheepskin cabin slippers which are great for people who have cold feet all the time or poor circulation. Having real natural sheepskin hug your feet helps improve circulation and created the perfect temperature for your feet. These sheepskin slippers by Lambskin Specialty manufactured in Canada are available in women's size 5 to 10 and in men's size 8 to 13. Paired with the cabin slippers is men's genuine mohair socks and women's socks. Mohair is a natural resource and the material comes from the hair sheared from a kid mohair (Angora goat). These luxurious mohair socks have excellent insulating properties keeping your feet warm and moisture-wicking properties. Be sure to select the correct size of cabin slippers. We will pair the correct sock size with the slippers.


ManufacturingSlippers Made In Canada by Lambskin Specialties
ManufacturingSocks Made In Canada by Thermohair Inc. & Le Grand Flodden
Men's Slipper SizeAvailable In Size 8-13
Women's Slipper SizeAvailable In Size 5-10
ColorBrown Natural
Included1 Pair of Men's & Women's Cabin Slippers & 1 Pair of Men's & Women's Mohair Socks