Men's Fudge Brown Leather Moccasin Boots

$125.50 USD


These men's moccasin boots are very stylish and comfortable while keeping a classic and authentic Native Indian look. They are ankle-high and feature a Native American style braid around the top. They are decorated with fringes around the ankle, heel and vamp. These men's moccasin boots have rawhide leather laces for tightening and they are handmade from high-quality genuine moose hide leather in a nice dark fudge brown color.


These men's moccasin boots are perfect for outdoor use as they have a durable crepe sole. They are crafted by a Canadian company called Laurentian Chief. Laurentian Chief/Eugène Cloutier Inc. is a Canadian company and brand, dedicated to providing superb quality products at an excellent value. All of their moccasins are hand sewn and only the highest quality leather and materials are used in production. They have been in business since 1945. The leather and foam insole make these moccasin boots very comfortable. They are available in men's sizes 7-13. Get yours today!


MaterialMoosehide Leather
ManufacturingMade In Canada by Laurentian Chief
SoleCrepe Rubber Sole with Foam Insole
SizeAvailable In Size 7-13
ColorFudge Brown
UseIndoor & Outdoor
Accents6" Ankle High
AccentsRaw Hide Laces
AccentsHand-stitched Vamp
AccentsDouble Fringe
AccentsTop Indian Braid


These men's moccasin boots fit true to size. These moccasins do not come in half sizes. If you wear a half size, go up to the next full size. (10½ order size 11)

When you first put on a pair of moccasins, they should fit snugly as the suede will stretch.

Moose Hide

* Moose is a wild animal, so therefore incurs wounds and scarring during its lifetime.These scars and marks can show up in the leather as what may appear to be imperfections, but in fact are unique to each pair of moccasins. They are part of the animal's story-line.

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