Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket
Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket
Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket
Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket

Pendleton Big Medicine Blanket

$381.00 USD

SKU: P-ZE494-53564

This warm Big Medicine blanket captivates you with inspiring pictures, warm tones and colors. Made from pure virgin wool, the blanket is soft and non-scratchy.

The design is inspired from the buffalo legend and story of "Big Medicine". The seven bison on this blanket represent the seven directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below and Within. Together they symbolize wholeness for mankind and the earth.

Prayer pipes signify mankind's communication with the Creator. In the center of the blanket, within the circle of life, are four hands representing the diverse peoples of the world and a new beginning. Shades of brown and green reflect the natural beauty of Mother Earth.

This warm and thick blanket is truly a work of art. This wool blanket is made in the USA and measures 64" x 80". It is napped; felt bound, pure virgin wool/cotton material. Available in black. The fabric is woven in the American Pendleton mills. Note: this blanket is dry clean only.

Big Medicine

The rare white bison occurs only once in every 10 million births. In 1933, a white buffalo was born in the wild on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation and was called “Big Medicine” to reflect his sacred power. Many Native American tribes consider the return of the White Buffalo the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy and the beginning of a new era for the peoples and Mother Earth. Tradition spoke of the coming of a herd of pure White Buffalo.


  • Made from pure virgin wool cotton blend
  • Available in black 
  • Blanket size 64" x 80"
  • Big Medicine white buffalo pattern
  • Made in the the USA
  • Dry clean only


Pendleton has been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years they've been weaving world class woolens in the Northwest Mills of the USA. Their expertise and technology has grown over the years, and they have translated that experience into a host of other luxury fabrics. But their legacy of quality will never change. You can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.