Pendleton Way of Life Blanket
Pendleton Way of Life Blanket
Pendleton Way of Life Blanket
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Pendleton Way of Life Blanket
Pendleton Way of Life Blanket
Pendleton Way of Life Blanket

Pendleton Way of Life Blanket

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This warm and thick blanket is a work of art. This wool blanket is made in the USA and the pattern design has been a collaboration with artist Jim Yellowhawk. The design pays tribute to life in Pte Oyate, the Buffalo Nation. Many Plains tribes were reliant on the buffalo for food, tepee covers, shields, arrowhead and even soap. The symmetrical design reflects the world above and below, as well as night and day.

This Pendleton blanket is part of the Legendary Collection and this particular design honors stories and symbols of Native American cultures. This blanket comes with a Legendary Collection label and measures 64" x 80". It is napped; felt bound, pure virgin wool/cotton material. The fabric is woven in the American Pendleton mills. Note: this blanket is dry clean only.


ManufacturingMade in the USA by Pendleton
PatternLegendary Collection label artist Jim Yellowhawk
Size64" x 80"
MaterialMade of Pure Virgin Wool Cotton Blend
WashingDry Clean Only


Pendleton has been a family-owned business for 150 years, and for 104 of those years they've been weaving world class woolens in the Northwest Mills of the USA. Their expertise and technology has grown over the years, and they have translated that experience into a host of other luxury fabrics. But their legacy of quality will never change. You can rely on a Pendleton for a lifetime of comfort and beauty.

Each year, they add a new blanket to their Legendary Series, which honors Native American traditions and legends. Many are designed by tribal artists. These collectible heirlooms are lasting symbols of the mutual respect between Pendleton and our first customers. Legendary Series blankets are woven in their historic mill in Pendleton, Oregon, with a commemorative label that tells the story of each exclusive design.

Artist Jim Yellowhawk

Jim Yellowhawk belongs to the Itazipco Band of the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux Tribe. His work encompasses many different media, including dance. "Traditional spirituality is woven into my daily life, work and way of being," he says. Jim divides his time between South Dakota‘s Black Hills and Golden Bay, New Zealand.