SmellWell Shoe Inserts

$9.50 USD


Replace bad smells and odors with a fresh scent by placing SmellWell shoe inserts in your shoes. The contents consist of natural salts and absorbents, made of renewable raw materials that effectively absorb moisture and odor without bactericidal substances. When moisture is absorbed, the growth of bacteria decreases and therefore reduces the creation of their preferred environment. The content is completely harmless and tested in accordance with the REACH Consumer Safety and Environmental Directive. Each package includes 2 SmellWell packets in a variety of colors and patterns. SmellWell takes care of the inside of your shoes and keeps them fresh longer.


Pocket Size11.5 cm x 8 cm
ManufacturingSmellWell - Sweden
ColorMultiple Patterns & Colors
Package1 Pair
TypeDeodorizing Pocket


Simply unseal the package and place in your shoe when not in use.

SmellWell shoe inserts last for up to 6 months or more, from when they are unsealed. Lifespan may vary depending on what they are used for. Generally, life expectancy is shortened when used in areas with high relative humidity. If they are used in a pair of sweaty hockey gloves, they can work harder than in a pair of sneakers. However, placing your SmellWell where air can circulate refreshes them again.