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SW-Smell Well Shoe Inserts - 100% Natural Product - 1408N

$15.50 USD

Brand A1 Imports

  • SmellWell is a Swedish company that develops and sells products that absorb moisture and remove bad odor for people in motion. The development of SmellWell started with a pair of smelly soccer shoes. After testing all possible products without finding anything that really worked, SmellWell decided to develop their own solution.

    Working with chemists from Chalmers in Gothenburg, they started researching what creates the odor in shoes that many experienced. Moisture proved to be a contributing factor, and the focus was therefore on developing a moisture absorbent product. A combination of moisture absorbents with materials that effectively remove bad odors laid the foundation for the first prototype.

  • One of the main components of SmellWell is activated carbon, which has been used for hundreds of years as a natural way of cleaning and filtering both water and air. We use activated carbon made of bamboo, which has a very large surface area that allows it to effectively absorb and neutralize bad smell, but also absorbs moisture. Bamboo is also good from a sustainability perspective because it is very fast growing, which means that felling does not affect regrowth.

    Other materials in SmellWell consist of salts and minerals with hygroscopic properties, which allows them to absorb moisture from the air, in the form of sweat. The material is enclosed in a non-woven inner bag. This acts as a membrane by holding in all the components but allowing moisture to be transported from the shoe or training equipment into the bag

  • SKU 1408N
    Pocket Size 11.5 cm x 8 cm
    Manufacturing SmellWell
    Color Multi Patterns and Colours
    Type Deodorizing Pocket

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