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Women's Rubber Sole Fringe Ankle Moccasin Boots B1100

$118.50 USD

Brand Bastien Industries

  • These stylish women's ankle moccasin boots are extremely unique. They are authentic Native American handmade moccasins made from genuine moosehide leather which is extremely durable and soft. They have a fashionable faux baby crocodile leather vamp on the entire front of the boot. Please note, this is not real crocodile leather, it is cowhide leather embossed to look similar to crocodile skin. The interior is line with suede which feels great against your bare skin.

    These women's moccasin shoes/boots have a long stylish fringe that wraps all the way around the ankle. They have rawhide leather laces, they reach approximately 5.5" tall (slightly above the ankle) from the ground up and the vamp is double hand-stitched. These women's aboriginal style moccasin boots have a durable hard rubber camping sole with a slight heel built in. The soles feature a lot of texture and they have a Native Indian chief head design. They have a cushy foam insole for added comfort and are easy to slide on and off. We carry ladies sizes 5-10 and are made in Canada by an aboriginal company called Bastien Industries offering 100% Huron Native made products.
  • SKU B1100
    Material Genuine Moose Hide Leather
    Manufacturing Made In Canada by Bastien Industries
    Sole Rubber Camping Sole
    Size Available In Size 5-10
    Color Maple Tan
    Lining Suede
    Use Outdoor
    Vamp Double Hand-Stitched
    Vamp Faux Crocodile Leather Vamp
    Accents Ankle High with Fold Over Fringe
    Accents Rawhide Laces
  • These authentic Native American women's moccasin ankle boots fit true to size. Order the same as your regular shoe size. They do not come in half sizes. For half sizes go down to the nearest full size. (8½ order size 8)

    Genuine leather should fit snugly at first as the leather will stretch and mold to your foot for a comfortable fit. The length should always feel right when you first put the moccasins on. (your toe should never feel like it is busting out of the seam)
Made in Canada  Genuine Leather  

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