Native Indian Leather Moccasins for Men, Women, Children and Babies

Since 1973, we've been serving customers worldwide with Native Moccasins and slippers.

Most of our moccasins and slippers are Native made in Canada of the finest leathers such as Moose hide, Deerskin and Elk leather, Cowhide leather or suede, deer tanned or grizzly tan and sheepskin.

Our moccasins for men, women, children and babies come with or without sole, crepe or rubber or simply double leather sole, lined or unlined, hand beaded or not, fur trimmed, and fringed.

We even carry moccasins for wide feet and diabetic patients with swollen feet.

We carry full inventory for speedy delivery. We normally ship the same day. If we need to special order your product and occur a delay, we will email you with the estimated time of delivery.

Our mission is to give you the best service online with the best products for the best price. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for exchange or refund.

Featured Products

Men's Sheepskin Slippers
Men's Sheepskin Slippers $ 88.16 $ 97.95
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Cowhide Leather Moccasins
Men's Soft-Sole Cowhide Leather Moccasins - California from $ 70.16 $ 85.95
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Dark Burgundy Genuine Leather Moccasins
Men's Soft-Sole Cowhide Leather Moccasins - Dark Burgundy $ 70.16 $ 77.95
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Women's Sheepskin Boot Slippers
Women's Sheepskin Boot Slippers $ 124.20 $ 138.00
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Slip-On Slippers Sheepskin
Women's Sheepskin Slip-On Slippers $ 71.95 $ 79.95
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Women's Soft-Sole Moosehide Leather Moccasins
Women's Soft-Sole Moosehide Leather Moccasins $ 59.36 $ 65.95
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Moosehide Leather Moccasins with Beads
Women's Soft-Sole Moosehide Leather Moccasins with Beading $ 69.26 $ 76.95
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Moosehide Leather Fringed Moccasins
Women's Soft-Sole Moosehide Leather Moccasins with Fringe $ 76.45 $ 84.95
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How To Make Moccasins

March 20, 2014

At Leather-Moccasins we strive to sell high-quality moccasins handmade/hand-sewn from durable genuine leather. Below you will find a basic description of how our moccasins are made by our Canadian manufacturers. The images in this post were taken from Bastien Industries. The first step is making sure you have the proper pattern that will fit your foot. Each moccasin fits a mold that is used for standard sizes. Near the end of the process the molds are used for final assembly and hand sewing. The next step is cutting out the pattern from the genuine leather material. Each cut is carefully selected to ensure the proper grain and stretch is utilized for each piece. Using a leather punch, the holes are...

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Untimate Comfort & Warmth with Sheepskin Slippers

January 30, 2014

The sole purpose of slippers is to keep your feet warm and snug. No other material is going to feel as toasty as genuine sheepskin slippers. High-quality sheepskin slippers are soft and plush and have several health benefits. Sheepskin is known to help with circulation, skin problems and even diabetes. Leather-Moccasins is proud to be able to offer you Garneau Original sheepskin slippers. Garneau manufactures their products entirely by hand, according to the rules of the art in their studio in the Eastern Townships, a region located in the province of Quebec, Canada. All of the slippers are handmade with the best raw materials available in the market. Garneau slippers are the only ones that are designed with removable and replaceable insoles! The...

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