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Men's & Women's Multi-Size Sheepskin Insoles

$26.50 USD

Brand Garneau

  • These men's and women's sheepskin insoles provide natural insulation for winter boots, rain boots, shoes, moccasins or slippers. These multi-size sheepskin insoles keep your feet warm and dry. You can cut them to you desired size to fit any footwear perfectly. Real genuine sheepskin provides you with many benefits including natural insulation, they are breathable, good for blood circulation, and easily washable. These insoles make a great gift and can even be used to fill in footwear that feels too big for a cozier fit.

    These handy multi-size genuine sheepskin insoles are high-quality and handmade in Quebec, Canada by Garneau. Garneau slippers exude comfort, charm and character. These men's and women's insoles are available in one size (men's size 7-12 and ladies size 5-10) and each package contains 2 insoles (1 pair). They have a green back with traced lines/guides you can use to cut the insoles.
  • SKU 0061 & 0060
    Material 100% Real Sheepskin with Synthetic Back
    Manufacturing Made In Canada by Garneau Slippers
    Size Cut for Men's size 7-12 and Women's size 5-10
    Color Natural Cream/White Shearling Sheepskin & Green Back
    Lining Easy to Cut Synthetic Back with Guides / Lines
    Use Inside Shoes, Boots or Slippers
Made in Canada 

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