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Blue Skies

Fleece-lined suede moccasins will keep our toes toasty warmth for the remaining weeks of winter. And the wonderful part is, they’ll be waiting for us to slide our feet into...

Fri, Mar 10, 23

Taking Up Space

If you’re reclaiming your personal footprint, these are the moccasins to endure with you on that journey in comfort and style and take the space you need!

Wed, Feb 08, 23

Lighter Than Air

Shrug off the weight of the world and step into Garneau’s lighter-than-air Sheepskin Mule slippers. It’s your time - take it.

Fri, Jan 27, 23

The Night Before Christmas

Inspired by “’Twas The Night Before Christmas” this poem is sure to warm your heart featuring cozy his and hers sheepskin slip-on slippers by MerinoMood.

Tue, Dec 20, 22

Winter Warm Up

Soothing and plush with every step, Sheepskin Slippers by Laurentian Chief are the ultimate in comfort. Over time, the fit grows even more snug as the velvety suede conforms to...

Fri, Nov 18, 22

The Legend of Hiawatha

Authentic moccasins bring to mind an ancient heritage rich with stories like that of Hiawatha’s. Wearing something crafted with care by skilled Indigenous artisans is a privilege and a joy.

Wed, Oct 05, 22

Slipper Season

MerinoMood bootie slippers come in two very different colours, whatever your mood or style preference, and I can’t tell which one I like best! There’s neutral beige to keep things...

Thu, Sep 22, 22

Spoiled for Choice

All moccasins and boots by Bastien Industries are authentically Indigenous-made, handcrafted on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Quebec, Canada.

Thu, Jun 16, 22

Slip Into Comfort

Whatever shoes you may have to work or walk the world in, it’s worth knowing a soft pair of luxury moccasins awaits you at the end of the day. Your...

Fri, May 06, 22

Doing the Soft Shoe

Take loungewear to the next level and step into a pair of Laurentian Chief indoor moccasins. Time to put your feet up, where you can admire them best!

Thu, Feb 17, 22

Mukluk Evolution

Women’s 12” Snowshoe Mukluks by Laurentian Chief are a very special pair of winter boots that honor their origin and purpose with luxurious comfort and warmth, while turning heads with...

Sat, Jan 29, 22

Authentic Living

Authentic living is about being true to ourselves and others. When we find a company or product that represents cultural distinction and quality, we can feel good about making the...

Fri, Nov 19, 21

Two of A Kind

If you and your husband ever resort to planning twin outfits on purpose, these cozy moose hide moccasin slippers by Bastien are definitely the way to go!

Wed, Sep 15, 21

On The Fringe

Dress them up or dress them down, according to style or season. Laurentian Chief’s classic Moka Suede Moccasin Boots will carry you through the year’s fashion trends with their traditional...

Thu, Jul 15, 21

Meet Your Match

This mini bag and moccasin combination are a matched set of authentic Indigenous design, created with time-honoured materials and techniques. By supporting Amerindian-made products, you can take pride in recognizing...

Thu, Jun 17, 21

The Living History of Moccasins

Traditional moccasins have a long, living history that continues to evolve. Laurentian Chief commemorates that history by employing ancient techniques and materials and blending them with contemporary comfort and style.

Wed, Apr 21, 21

Make a Statement

The Medicine Wheel jewelry collection is not only beautiful, its vivid motif tells the story of ancient cultures and their special connection with the natural world. The necklace is adjustable...

Thu, Mar 18, 21

Return of the “House Shoe"

Woolen felted booties correspond to the Scandinavian “hygge” philosophy of coziness, comfort, and cheer. Now, that is a trend worth stepping into! Leave the rest of the world behind and...

Thu, Feb 18, 21

Warm, Safe, and Well

Let Maxine Noel’s spiritual and powerful images inspire you! They will not only enhance your daily life and winter-wear, but will bring beauty to those around you... even when they...

Thu, Jan 21, 21

Comfort and Joy

Laurentian Chief sheepskin slippers aren’t just a way to relax into the holidays, they make a wonderful gift, too. Made in North America, with their superior quality, fit, and craftsmanship,...

Wed, Nov 18, 20

The Legend of the Thunderbird

The Men’s Moose-hide Moccasin is a special tribute to Native American heritage, with its beaded motif and traditional design. The cultural and symbolic significance of the powerful Thunderbird make them...

Thu, Oct 22, 20