It’s November, and after some truly beautiful fall weather, my family is gearing up for colder temperatures. We’ve been raking leaves, packing up the porch, getting snow tires on the cars - all in preparation for when the snow flies.

Increasingly, my husband has a tough time transitioning into the winter season. He says it takes his body awhile to adjust to the cold, and in the first few weeks of frost and flurries, he finds it especially difficult to keep his feet warm. Eventually he gets more accustomed to zero- degree weather, but in the beginning, if he works outside for any length of time, he gets chilled and then spends the rest of the day trying to warm back up again.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I think a good pair of slippers might be the ideal gift for him this year!
Warm and comfy sheepskin lined Laurentian Chief moccasins for men
Fortunately, Laurentian Chief has Sheepskin Slippers for men that are the perfect blend of luxuriousness and simple, classic style. Handcrafted with genuine golden-tan sheep suede, the interiors are fully lined, top and bottom, with thick shearling for therapeutic comfort and warmth.

Sheepskin has thermo-physiological properties, which means it naturally insulates without overheating. The wool fibres provide cushioned support yet allow for breathability, making them an excellent choice for anyone with circulation issues. Shearling is also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, reducing odour and bacteria.
Cozying up indoor reading a book wearing a pair of Laurentian Chief moccasins
These sheepskin slippers have a flexible suede outsole embossed with Laurentian Chief’s signature logo, to cushion underfoot. The winter-white shearling collar trim is a handsome detail that adds extra softness at the ankle.

Soothing and plush with every step, Sheepskin Slippers by Laurentian Chief are the ultimate in comfort. Over time, the fit grows even more snug as the velvety suede conforms to the shape of the wearer’s foot. And as indoor house shoes, they look great with either pyjamas or pants! I know my husband will appreciate their warmth and coziness after long, cold days working out of doors.
Cozy fireplace with man wearing warm sheepskin slippers
The best part is, I can order them easily and conveniently online, and have them delivered right to my door!

Laurentian Chief Sheepskin Slippers are Canadian-made, and available in Men’s sizes 7-13.

If you have a winter-averse person in your life, consider warming their heart (and their feet) with the gift of comfortable, beautiful sheepskin slippers this holiday season.
Opening a gift on Christmas morning and receiving a pair of quality sheepskin slippers


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