It seems like people everywhere are re-discovering the benefits of sheepskin!

A natural fibre, sheepskin wool and shearling have been used for centuries to warm, protect, and heal humans in all climates, but especially during the coldest months of the year.

As winter enters its deep-freeze, keeping warm becomes not only desirable, but necessary! Sheepskin suede is unique in that it is tanned with the fleece intact, with one side velvety smooth, and other thick and woolly. Genuine sheepskin is the sumptuous leather featured in many classic home accessories and clothing items, such as throws, rugs, jackets, footwear, and of course — mittens.

So what is it about sheepskin that makes it so seasonable?

1) It’s Durable

Real Sheepskin Mittens holding a snow ball perfect for winter
Sheepskin is naturally water-resistant, flame-resistant, and neutralizes static electricity. Mittens made of sheepskin suede are soft to the touch, yet tough enough to cut through harsh winds. Their elasticity makes them flexible and tear-proof. If they get wet from rain, snow, or slush, simply shake off excess moisture, and let dry at room temperature. When properly cared for, a good pair of sheepskin mittens can last decades.

2) It’s Naturally Therapeutic

Warm sheepskin mittens with fold over collar in a dark brown color
Sheepskin mittens are made with the wool turned inside, and the plush lining is extremely gentle to the skin. Wool fibres contain lanolin, a naturally-occurring balm that helps keep dry hands moisturized in winter months when you need it most. Sheepskin against the body also activates and improves circulation, easing joint and arthritic pain — a nice bonus for hard- working hands when the temperature drops.

3) It’s Attractive

Sheepskin mittens are the perfect mittens for driving keeping you warm all winter long
Sheepskin mitts are timeless in both style and design. Available in a beautifully classic dark brown, they are gender-neutral and come in a variety of sizes. The cuff can be folded up to show off the plush wool lining, or turned down for extra length to keep wrists extra warm and protected from the elements.

4) It’s Healthy

Luxurious chic quality sheepskin winter mittens
Naturally anti-microbial, sheep’s wool fibres deter bacteria, germs, dust, and mildew. This makes sheepskin mittens easy to care for and keep fresh and clean. Sheepskin is also hypoallergenic, and therefore kind to asthma and allergy sufferers, and those with sensitive or rash-prone skin.

5) It’s Comfortable

unisex men's and women's sheepskin mittens
Above all, sheepskin mittens are luxuriously cozy and warm. The thick wool lining has insulating properties, naturally regulating body temperature by allowing air flow. Soft and breathable, sheepskin absorbs moisture to prevent chafing and perspiration, so hands stay toasty without overheating.
Sheepskin mittens that can be worn with collar up or down
Sheepskin is a miracle material that not only keeps hands warm in freezing weather, but protects and cares for them as well. Sheepskin mittens are now available for a special price, in Men’s and Women’s sizes SM to XL. Order today and get $15 off.

Experience the comfort and therapeutic qualities of sheepskin, and stay warm and stylish all winter long! Sheepskin mittens are perfect for playing in the snow


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