Winter calls for all things cozy: blankets, sweaters, cups of hot cocoa. And slippers. Warm, fuzzy, hugs-for-your-feet slippers.

Maybe you like hibernating in the cold weather (I know I do.) And maybe you tend to have trouble keeping your toes warm (also me) due to dropping temperatures or even circulation issues. Maybe you also require additional comfort and foot therapy due to swelling or diabetes, which requires a whole other level of slipper.
Cozy Cabin Slippers by Lambskin Specialties
The Sheepskin Cabin Slipper by Lambskin Specialities is that slipper! I’m not kidding.

Made for men and women, these shearling wool slippers are 100% sheepskin — pure softness and support.
men's and women's sheepskin slippers made in Canada
Equipped with convenient double velcro fasteners, they are simple to put on or take off and can be adjusted easily for a customized fit. The upper velcro opens widely for accessibility, making them excellent for those with swollen ankles, and helpful to seniors or patients with limited mobility.
Sheepskin slippers with velcro strap extra wide opening
The plush sheepskin interior offers support and warmth, while its natural ventilating properties prevent overheating and sweating. Wool is also hypoallergenic, gentle against the skin, and super soothing for tired, sore feet. The cuff can be worn up to cover the ankle, or folded down as a fluffy collar.
sheepskin slippers with collar up or down made in canada
The only thing that could make these slippers even more accommodating and versatile is if you could also wear them outside.

Guess what?

The Sheepskin Cabin Slipper is available with a durable non-slip EVA rubber sole for indoor and gentle outdoor wear.

Available in beautiful Natural Tan suede, the Cabin Slipper comes in both men’s (8-13) and women’s (5 - 10) sizes.



If you want warm and cushiony indoor footwear, you won’t go wrong with Lambskin Specialties’ Cabin Slippers. But if you’re looking for elevated comfort and convenience, these are definitely the pair for you. Take cozy to the next level!
warm sheepskin slippers for winter


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