One of the simplest pleasures is feeling relaxed and comfortable in your own space, when your time is your own, with no pressing engagements or obligations. It’s just you and however you want to spend the day... preferably in your slippers. Happy, cozy, and content.

If this is your plan this weekend (or any weekend), we recommend spending it wearing Bastien’s Soft-Sole Indoor Moccasins for Men.
Bastien Industries Soft-Sole Indoor Moccasins for Men
Bastien Industries is an Indigenous-owned company in Quebec, Canada, specializing in handcrafted leather moccasins. Their authentic indoor mocs are made from the finest cowhide, with hand-stitched vamp and rawhide laces. Soft outsoles and velvety suede, padded interiors make them the comfiest slippers you’ll ever own.

For almost 10 years running, this style of Bastien moccasins has consistently rated 5 stars with our customers. It’s a classic choice — traditional, handsome, and ultra-luxurious — and the quality is clear.
this style of Bastien moccasins has consistently rated 5 stars with our customers

“Like They Were Custom-Made”

“Not only are they stylish and comfortable but, based on the quality of the workmanship and the durable leather construction, I expect I will be wearing them for a long time... I slipped right into the size 9 mocs like they were custom-made.” - Curt
Bastien Industries authentic Native American made soft sole moccasin slippers for men

“Craftsmanship is Exceptional”

“These moccasins are the softest, most comfortable pair of footwear I have ever owned! The more I wear them the more I like them! The craftsmanship is exceptional!” - George

“High Quality"

“I have torn through many pairs of slippers or moccasins that were poorly made so I decided to invest a little more and took a chance on these moccasins. I was not disappointed. The leather sole and insole are both high quality as is the stitching.” - Rob
Hand-stitching on the vamp of a pair of Canadian handmade authentic moccasins

“The Company is a Pleasure to Do Business With”

“The leather is butter soft with NO blemishes anywhere. The stitching is flawless and the bottoms are double thick leather outside and suede inside with what feels like a little padding in the footbed... The company is a pleasure to do business with.” - Bobbi
slipping on a pair of quality genuine leather moccasin slippers
In keeping with traditional leather moccasins, Bastien’s Soft-Sole Indoor Moccasins for Men are designed to form-fit to your personal footprint, growing softer and more comfortable over time. Their quality and fine craftsmanship ensures durability for years to come.

Bastien’s Indoor Moccasins are available in Medium Brown and California Tan, and come in Men’s sizes 7-15.
Genuine Leather Moccasins

“The Best I’ve Ever Owned”

“These moccasins are the best I've ever owned...They are very well made with double leather and stitching in all the right places, true to size, and very comfortable... In a day of lessening quality and cheap cost cutting measures, this company has maintained excellent quality and product integrity.” - David
The best indoor moccasins made in Canada by Indigenous tribe Huron Wendat on the Wendake reserve Bastien Industries


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