Traditional mukluks were once a necessity in the lives of Inuit and Indigenous communities in the coldest regions of North America. Made with layers of skins and hides laced around the feet and calves, they were warm, waterproof, and flexible for walking in winter conditions.

Mukluks were so serviceable, they were immediately adopted by European settlers in the 17th century for survival in the “New World,” many of whom had never experienced blizzards, wind chill, or freezing temperatures. Their colonial trading posts had an indelible influence on tribal artistry and design as new, imported materials became available. Eventually organic decorative elements like feathers, quills, and moose-hair tufts were enhanced or replaced by pompoms, beadwork, and ready-made textiles, especially for tourists.
Women's mukluks by Laurentian Chief Canadian moccasin winter boots
Today's mukluks are an integration of traditional and contemporary features, crafted for classic warmth and exceptional quality and appearance.

Laurentian Chief’s 12” Snowshoe Mukluks for Women are an example of this evolution. Influenced in design by Indigenous boots once worn with snowshoes, they are made from genuine moose hide leather and lined with thick fleece for the ultimate in cold weather comfort. The suede gusseted tongue keeps out ice and snow, and the durable Marron Italia treaded sole provides stability in slippery conditions.
Laurentian Chief made in Canada moccasins
The rich leather boot shaft is accented with a vivid, earthy, Native American-inspired tapestry, sure to brighten even the drabbest of grey winter days. The suede maple leaf badge on the side of each mukluk is an emblem of their premium Canadian craftsmanship.
Canadian Made moccasin boots with maple leaf badge
These mid-calf Snowshoe Mukluks can be ordered online and are available in Women’s sizes 5-10. Some sizes may be back-ordered, due to supply chain delays. Pre-order yours today!

Please note: Leather mukluks are not waterproof and should be treated before wearing outdoors. With the right protective products and proper care, they should last you many years.
Women's lace up Native style moccasin winter boots mid-calf height

Condition leather sections with a leather finishing wax or natural waterproofing product, such as mink oil. We also recommend applying a high quality protective spray. Repeat regularly, as necessary.

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Women’s 12” Snowshoe Mukluks by Laurentian Chief are a very special pair of winter boots that honor their origin and purpose with luxurious comfort and warmth, while turning heads with their uniquely beautiful appearance. Step into a pair!
Women's Native American style mid-calf ankle moccasin boots with applique pattern


  • Patricia


    February 22, 2024

    They looking very comfortable.

  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    April 21, 2023

    In response to Jim: Sadly we do not carry a boot that is waterproof. But by treating your boot with a protectant, you will be making them water resistant.

  • Jim Brown

    Jim Brown

    March 10, 2023

    need waterproof boot sole. I have ankle high now and allway wet if walk in snow.

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