When it comes to wardrobe essentials, style and versatility are key.

There are certain basics to be found in every man’s closet to accommodate the events of daily life, such as:

• a favourite pair of jeans

• a casual button-down shirt

• a tailored suit

• a classic sweater

• a sports jacket

• a good dress shirt

Wardrobe essentials include a favorite pair of jeans, a casual button-down shirt and your best pair of moccasins; displayed in a nicely folded pile.
Building a multi-functional wardrobe should include pieces that are interchangeable and suitable for most formal and informal occasions.

So, what about shoes? There aren’t many types of footwear that can span that gap.
A man casually sitting in the trunk of his car showcasing a beautiful pair of Indigenous moccasin shoes with a rugged rubber sole featuring an Indian Chief pattern.
Laurentian Chief’s Moose Hide Moccasins for Men are a closet staple that will take you from relaxed looks in denim and flannel to upscale casual khakis and a collared shirt, simply by slipping them on.

With their uncomplicated elegance, these moccasins combine fine wild leather, artisanal craftsmanship, and classic design for handsome, versatile style.
Close up of a pair of Laurentian Chief’s Moose Hide Moccasins for Men displaying the quality craftsmanship and hand-stitched vamp.
Rawhide laces and hand-stitched details are accentuated in warm tan leather. Moose hide is a rich and supple leather that moulds itself to the foot the longer the shoe is worn. The suede interior is gentle to bare skin, and the padded insole provides cushioned comfort with every step.
The Laurentian Chief brand is displayed on the label on these pair of men's genuine leather moccasins handmade in Canada.
The rubber outsole is extremely durable for outdoor wear. It is uniquely branded with Laurentian Chief’s signature motif, in homage to the Indigenous artistry that inspires all their high-quality Canadian-made footwear.
Man holding a pair of Laurentien Chief Canadian moccasins where you can see the rubber outsole uniquely branded with their signature motif which is a Native Chief, in homage to the Indigenous artistry.
A classic pair of moccasins is the definitive addition to any man’s wardrobe. Transcending trends and made to last, they are a three-season statement piece that finishes off your look with both luxury and comfort.
Old-school vibes are displayed in this photo including a vintage amp, casual plaid shirt and classic moccasins.
Laurentian Chief’s Moose Hide Moccasins are available in Men’s sizes 7-12 and can be ordered online for quick and convenient delivery.

A man getting out of his car wearing a pair classic moccasins which transcend trends and are made to last making them a definitive addition to any man’s wardrobe.


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