The source of authenticity is personal integrity; we live authentically when our words and deeds are consistent with our principles.

Being faithful to truth, respectfulness, and sincerity means getting back to our roots and honoring who we are. It also means honoring and recognizing the contributions of others. More than ever, this includes supporting the history, artisanship, and culture of Indigenous peoples.

When it comes to authentic, high-quality products, it can sometimes take a little extra effort to find the genuine article. Traditional moccasins, for example, have largely been absorbed into global culture. Their influence and design can be found everywhere in modern-day footwear, from penny loafers to deck shoes. These interpretations may be contemporary and attractive, but often, they bear only a passing resemblance to the original moccasins worn by Aboriginal communities, and are mass-produced with lesser-quality materials.
Fringed authentic Native American ankle moccasins Huron Wendat
Women’s Moose Hide Moccasin Boots by Bastien Industries are 100% Indigenous-made on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Wendake, Quebec.

Carefully cut from genuine moose hide, then pieced and sewn by hand, these beautiful fringed boots are crafted using ancestral techniques passed down through generations of artisans and leather workers.

Bastien’s traditional moccasin boots for women are designed to be long-lasting, soft and supple, as the maple-tan leather form-fits to the foot over time. Details include long, generous fringe around the ankle, rawhide laces, and a double hand-sewn vamp with criss-crossed stitching.
Long fringe on a pair of authentic Native moccasins by Bastien Industries
Suede-lined with a foam padded leather insole, their velvety softness surrounds your feet with every step. Crepe rubber outsoles offer durability and the adaptability of indoor or outdoor use. Classic and versatile, these authentic fringed moccasin booties will quickly become a favorite wardrobe staple.
Ankle fringed moccasins for women cozy fall weather style fashion
To order, please visit the link below. Available in Women’s sizes 5-10.

Authentic living is about being true to ourselves and others. When we find a company or product that represents cultural distinction and quality, we can feel good about making the choice to support them, and to honor the continuing heritage of Indigenous communities.
fall style, authentic Native American made moccasin boots Canada


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