There is great freedom in defying stereotypes and expectations, in being unpredictable and hard to define. Why tie ourselves down to one way of thinking when we can embrace flexibility and imagination?

Why follow the herd when you can lead the pack?

Our Brown Bear Sheepskin Slippers embrace this concept by being fresh, versatile, and truly unconventional! What exactly makes them so unique? For starters, they don’t fit the old-school concept of what slippers are supposed to be. These slippers are rewriting the script.
Sheepskin ankle high slippers with side dip warm and cozy for men and women
Let’s look at some of the outdated “myths” about slippers we’re ready to de-bunk:

Myth #1: Slippers Are Stodgy

The pervading idea is that slippers aren’t terribly attractive or stylish. They’re sometimes considered a little shabby, a little frumpy, meant for those days spent, unkempt, in a terry-cloth robe.


Sheepskin ankle boot-style slippers are made with velvety golden-tan shearling for a luxurious look and feel like no other. Trendy and fun, with unparalleled comfort, they work with ALL your best casual outfits — not just pajamas.
women's sheepskin slippers for indoors warm and plush sheepskin lining

Myth #2: Slippers Always Fall Off

Slippers are supposed to slide easily on and off, but after regular wear, the average pair tends to get stretched out or fall apart. They don’t stay on, and pretty soon you’re tripping over your own feet.


At ankle-height, Sheepskin Slippers will stay firmly on your feet without the hassle of laces or straps. If anything, you won’t want to take them off! The higher cut adds softness and warmth to keep you feeling extra toasty on chilly days and nights.
ankle-heigh sheepskin slipper that are easy to slide on and off with the open side dip

Myth #3: Slippers Overheat Your Feet


Not these slippers! Lined with genuine sheepskin, they help regulate body temperature. Wool fibers are organically breathable, keeping your feet insulated, yet comfortable and dry. Sheepskin is also naturally anti-bacterial, reducing allergens and germs.
unisex Sheepskin ankle slippers with foam rubber sole

Myth #4: Slippers Are For Indoors Only


We get it... Most run-of-the-mill slippers aren’t durable (or attractive) enough to wear outside the house. But these Sheepskin Slippers are too beautiful to stay behind closed doors! Pair them with your favorite jeans or leggings and venture out without fear— they’re equipped with a sturdy rubber sole for light outdoor use.
unisex sheepskin ankle slippers with hard rubber sole and side dip

Myth #5: Slippers Are Either “His” or “Hers”


First of all, we think you should wear whatever the heck slippers you feel like wearing. But as luck would have it, Sheepskin Slippers are gender-neutral! Unisex in style, color, and design, they come in a range of sizes and are artisan-crafted for universal appeal.

Brown Bear’s Sheepskin Slippers defy convention by being so much more than just the average pair. Created with luxurious materials and trendy, ankle boot-styling, they will upgrade your casual wardrobe and keep you feeling cozy and warm, indoors or out.
unisex gender neutral slippers for men and women
Available for online order in sizes 36-45. Check product listing for more details, including fit.
Sheepskin slippers by the brown bear distribution inc


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