I’m slowly easing into the Christmas season, which is my favorite holiday.

I like it when it’s chill enough to wear my favorite sweater or wrap up in woolen blanket, drinking a cup of cocoa with my son. I love it when the first stray snowflakes start to fall, and my husband loads up the wood stove with logs, and we listen to the warm crackle of the fire. Our cats find the coziest spots to curl up in, and so do we. It’s nesting time.
cozy winter hot cocoa and fuzzy cat and cover moccasins
These are the days when I start to plan for the holidays, which are just a few short weeks away. I start making lists: what to make, what to buy, what to bake. I go through my yarn stash to see what can be knitted, sort through my ribbon rolls for anything red, green, or tartan. I hang a wreath (or two) and scroll Pinterest for a little seasonal inspiration.
Cozy Christmas fuzzy sheepskin slippers
Creating a cozy and special Christmas is one of the most satisfying things to do. And in order to keep everything organized and flowing smoothly, it’s important for me to take some quiet time to myself to plan out the details. The more comfortable and laid-back I am, the more easily ideas manifest themselves, and before long I am excited and inspired to begin making holiday magic!
Cozy fall slippers with pinecone and candle
My sheepskin slippers are a big part of that... they make me feel rested and relaxed as I work to bring all the elements of season together, from shopping to decorating to family time. Made by Laurentian Chief in classic moccasin style, these smoke-colored suede slippers are lined with shearling wool, with a fold-over cuff, to keep my feet toasty warm — on Christmas Day or any day! I especially love the hand-beaded detailing, like rays of sunshine. The crepe rubber sole means I can also dash outside on a dry day, if need be, without damaging them. Basically, I don’t intend to take them off until New Years’!
close-up of hand-beading on moccasins Native style
Laurentian Chief sheepskin slippers aren’t just a way to relax into the holidays, they make a wonderful gift, too. Made in North America, with their superior quality, fit, and craftsmanship, I can think of a few people on my list who would appreciate the gift of comfort and joy. Ordering online only adds to the convenience, as well.

Available in Women’s sizes 5-10. For more details or to order, please visit:


I hope you’re as cozy and happy planning for the holidays as I am. May your days be merry and bright!
cozy cat Christmas theme plaid


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