Caribou is known as a wild leather — lightweight, but durable and flexible. It is an excellent hide for moccasins slippers, like those crafted by Laurentian Chief of the Eugène Cloutier Company.

The significance of the caribou is deeply ingrained in ancient cultures. Historically, it been a source of survival for Indigenous communities, not only for meat, hides, and tool-making, but as a totem spirit and symbol of connection with the land. In keeping with spiritual traditions, every part of the caribou was utilized out of respect for the animal and its sacrifice.
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Fabricated in Canada, Laurentian Chief caribou slippers are of the highest quality, made with responsibly-sourced hides, and hand-finished, artisanal details.

Laurentian Chief’s Soft-Sole Caribou Moccasins for Men combine traditional looks with contemporary comfort. They are made entirely of caribou leather in a shade of “Deer Tan,” which is soft and supple, gentle against the foot, but strong enough for long-term wear. The all- leather insole is padded with foam for an extra cushioned step.
Caribou leather light tan made in Canada moccasins for men
These handsome moccasin slippers are hand-stitched with a classic U-shaped vamp and adjustable rawhide laces. The bottom soles are soft, natural caribou hide, accented with “swirl” stitching to add visual interest.
swirl stitching on a pair for quality genuine leather soft sole moccasin slippers
Caribou leather looks even better as it ages and gains a patina of wear, creases, and markings. It also shapes itself organically to your feet over time, in true moccasin style, growing even more comfortable the longer it’s worn.
Hand-stitched vamp on a pair of quality genuine caribou leather moccasins
If you’re looking to invest in a classic pair of slippers you’ll have for years to come, Caribou Moccasins for Men by Laurentian Chief are the ones you’ve been waiting for. The soft inner and outer sole are ideal for indoor use and lasting, luxurious comfort.
Laurentian Chief men's caribou leather moccasin slippers
Soft-Sole Caribou Moccasin Slippers are available in Men’s sizes 7-13. If you wear a half size, please order the next full size down.

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Tap into tradition, quality, and style with Caribou Leather Mocs by Laurentian Chief.
Quality made in Canada Laurentian Chief moccasins for men


  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    October 05, 2022

    In response to Ronnie DeWitt: Thank you for reaching out to us, to voice your opinion.

    The figure design on the bottom of this moccasin has a purpose, not just for design. This design is sewn to keep all the layers tightly together as you have 2 layers of leather as well as an insole to sew through.

    Please note that the figure design doesn’t affect the integrity of the moccasin.

    We will definitely pass on your comments to the manufacturer.

  • Ronnie DeWitt

    Ronnie DeWitt

    October 05, 2022

    A few years ago I purchased both the rubber sole and leather sole caribou moccasins. The leather is the best material I have ever worn; however, I intensely dislike the figure stiching on the leather soles. It looks ugly and detracts from the potential beauty if the moccasin. Moreover, the thread eventually wears out leaving multiple micro-holes in the soles. I will not purchase any more until you stop putting that unnecessary and unattractive stitching on the bottoms of the soles.

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