The moccasin has an intricate history. It is a shoe influenced by varied cultures of Indigenous tribes, and complicated by European colonialism. Modern day penny loafers, boat shoes, mules, and slides all take inspiration from Aboriginal footwear. But what we recognize as a traditional moccasin today is many steps removed from its original predecessors.

Of all the designs and interpretations over the past couple of centuries, several distinct features of the moccasin have endured, along with their cultural significance.

Genuine, Natural Hides

Indigenous communities have always had a spiritual connection with animals in nature. It is believed that animal spirits present themselves to humans as an aid to their survival, providing meat for food, skins and furs for warmth, and bones and horns for tools. Gratitude was shown by not wasting any part of the beast.
men's stylish authentic moccasins made from leather
Original moccasins were made by sewing tanned leather skins to a tough rawhide bottom sole. Sometimes coloured with plant dyes, deer, elk, moose, and buffalo were among the most common hides used to make shoes and other items of clothing.

Each animal has a sacred symbolism, and rituals of respect and gratitude continue to be held in tribes today in honour of their gifts. indigenous peoples have always been careful not to over-hunt and deplete or interfere with the natural life cycles of the animal species.

Hand Craftsmanship

Traditionally, moccasins were made by hand, sewn with sinew, and decorated according to tribal customs and preferences.
Men's dark brown genuine leather moccasin loafers
Different communities favoured different seams or soles. Beads, quills, feathers, and fur were also used to embellish or characterize the shoe. Tribes could often be identified regionally by the design and materials of their moccasins.

Gathered Toe

The signature detail of the moccasin we know today is its gathered toe. Believed to originate with Ojibwe tribes, it is created by sewing a U-shaped soft leather upper or “vamp” to the bottom of the shoe or sole, with a distinctive puckered stitch. The high placement of this stitching kept the seam joining the hides away from the ground, helping the moccasins to stay warm and dry.
gathered toe on a pair of leather moccasins traditional style
Men’s Moose & Elk Hide Moccasins by Laurentian Chief honour traditional elements of Indigenous footwear, while incorporating modern materials to add to their comfort and durability.
Moose hide leather accents on moccasins
Handmade in North America with contrasting elk and moose leather, these handsome loafers take classic in a whole new direction. The leather-wrapped memory foam insoles and suede lined interior provide a cushioned step that feels especially luxurious against barefoot skin. The uniquely textured, durable rubber outsole is rated for outdoor use, with a sturdy heel slightly built up for additional support.
men's stylish loafer moccasinsrubber camping sole with Native American chief on the soles moccasins
In keeping with Indigenous philosophies and respect for the natural world, Laurentian Chief uses 90% renewable hydroelectricity in their manufacturing. Leather hides and furs are sourced via environmentally-responsible hunting.

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Traditional moccasins have a long, living history that continues to evolve. Laurentian Chief commemorates that history by employing ancient techniques and materials and blending them with contemporary comfort and style.
men's memory foam moccasin shoes


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