Buffalo hides have been used to create moccasins and specialty leather goods for centuries.

Wild herds of bison have long been overseen by Indigenous peoples, whose relationship with nature and animals remains deeply spiritual.
Wild herds of bison
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Aboriginal tradition considers the buffalo to be a giving animal, symbolizing respect and sacrifice for its many gifts. Bison were an important resource to Indigenous communities, providing not only meat but fur for blankets, hides for shelter and goods, even bones for tools. It was believed the buffalo gave up its life so that tribes could live; they were hunted carefully and with honor, and no part of the majestic creature would be wasted.

Our appreciation for items made with buffalo hide remains strong today; the leather is recognized as one of the finest, known for its unique appearance and durability.
Men's bison fleece Lined moccasin Slippers
Laurentian Chief’s Fleece-Lined Moccasin Slippers for men are an example of the exceptional quality, appearance, and craftsmanship of buffalo leather.

These indoor moccasins are classic in design, with hand-stitched vamp and gathered toe. The buffalo hide is a rich, dark tone of chocolate brown, with a highly textured grain, and contrasting rawhide laces. A wild leather like this can sometimes bear the scars of the animal’s life in nature, making its story even more valuable.
Traditional styling meets modern comfort with the fully-lined fleece interior and padded foam insole, designed to keep feet warm, cozy, and cushioned. The soft bottom sole is gentle underfoot and the supple leather conforms to the wearer over time, giving them a very special, personal fit.
Men's Laurentian Chief Bison Hide Moccasins
Laurentian Chief moccasins are handmade in Quebec, Canada, with passion and great respect for nature, using renewable energy sources and eco-friendly hide and fur production.

Buffalo Hide Fleece-Lined Moccasin Slippers are available in Men’s sizes 7-13 can can be ordered online for quick, convenient home delivery:

Men's Fleece Line Moccasin Slippers made in Canada Genuine Leather
The bison of North America have a long and storied history, marked by the beauty and integrity of their leather. Buffalo Hide Moccasin Slippers by Laurentian Chief demonstrate a piece of that history, inspired by and made in accordance with time-honored tradition.
Laurentian Chief Brand Moccasins


  • Patricia


    January 26, 2024

    I would like to see more, & Women’s shoes. Love them

  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    November 23, 2023

    In response to Dee: We do carry a women’s version here https://www.leather-moccasins.com/products/womens-fleece-lined-elk-maple-moccasins. They do not come in the dark fudge color but they come in maple.

  • Dee Ross

    Dee Ross

    November 23, 2023

    Why can’t women have practical, warmly lined, smooth outer leather, soft sole moccasin slippers like the bison men’s version? We carry firewood, feed the dogs, dash from house to garage. No foofoo outer fur or fanciness for me…Ineed practical!

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