Winter is here again... frosty days of ice and snow. I tend to hibernate in cold weather, but even I am tempted by the beauty of the season to go outdoors for a wintry nature walk, or build a snowman with my son. In these times of self-isolation, getting outside is more essential for our well-being than ever.

But it’s a different winter, of course, because of Covid-19; one in which we all need to take greater care of our health, as well as consider the welfare of others. We don’t just need gear and accessories that will keep us warm, we need them to keep us — and those around us — safe and well.
matching hat and face mask Native style
Lucky for us, winter accessories can be beautiful as well as functional — especially when enhanced by the designs of renowned Canadian Indigenous artist, Maxine Noel.

This cozy hat and reusable mask feature Noel’s alluring “Leaf Dancer,” a fluid, graceful figure in autumn colours, scattering red, orange, and gold leaves into the wind. According to Noel, she symbolizes the evolution of nature: "Mother Earth turns, and with a gentle wave of her hand another season passes.”
Native style face mask covering with matching hatface mask covering covid 19 with matching hat
The winter beanie comes in a “one-size-fits-most” for men or women. Snug and chic, the embroidered Leaf Dancer artwork is stunning against the acrylic black knit. Long enough to pull over your ears, this hat will keep you warm even on the chilliest of days. It is authenticated with the official Maxine Noel® label.
Stay safe and keep warm with matching hat and face mask
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This year, wearing a mask is our new reality, and it isn’t easy. I find it hard not seeing people’s smiles, and knowing others can’t see my own. But masking with Maxine Noel’s designs puts a positive spin on our necessary new wardrobe accents.

This 3-layer reusable face mask has a polyester shell lined with 100% white cotton, and an inside filter pocket. Ear loops are soft elastic, and adjustable for your most comfortable fit. The Leaf Dancer artwork elevates this mask from functional and ordinary to lovely and inspirational. Adult size, unisex. Also available in Noel’s “Mother Earth” design.
Face mask with Native artist design Maxine Noel
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I had the privilege of interviewing Maxine Noel in August, 2020. She is a true talent and visionary, and she said, “Art can be used as a vehicle to wake up people... I use my work to help make change.” She signs her art with her Sioux name, Ioyan Mani, given to her by her grandmother. It means “Walks Beyond.”

Let Maxine Noel’s spiritual and powerful images inspire you! They will not only enhance your daily life and winter-wear, but will bring beauty to those around you... even when they can’t see your smile.

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Winter outfit with matching covid face mask and hat


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