Men’s Crepe Sole Moccasin Boots by Bastien Industries have long been a popular favorite on our website. So popular, in fact, that we’ve had requests to carry the same style in additional colors.

Made with genuine cowhide, we also offer them in deep, classic black!

Like the originals, these black, lace-up moccasin boots for men are completely crafted with natural materials, from the leather hides to crepe rubber outsoles. A far cry from modern, synthetic footwear, traditional moccasin boots are ankle height, with supple leather upper and vamp designed to conform to your individual footprint over time. Rawhide laces add rugged style and a customized fit.
Men’s Crepe Sole Moccasin Boots by Bastien Industries
The suede interior is soft and flexible, with a cushioned foam insole stitched between two layers of leather, for gentle support and comfort with every step. The durable crepe soles are insulating and resilient, suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
durable crepe rubber soles on a pair of authentic moccasin boots
All moccasins and boots by Bastien Industries are authentically Indigenous-made, handcrafted on the Huron-Wendat reservation in Quebec, Canada. The family business was founded over 50 years ago, inspired by their ancestor Maurice Bastien Agniolen (the Bear), Former Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation (1883-1896).
Maurice Bastien Agniolen (the Bear), Former Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation
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At the Bastien workshop, footwear and goods are cut, shaped, and sewn with the artisanship of generations. Often, finishing and decorative touches are completed at home by gifted Indigenous needle-workers. Evidence of this skill and technique can be seen in the moccasin boot’s hand-stitched puckered vamp, and other details.
authentic moccasin boot’s hand-stitched puckered vamp
Bastien’s authentic Moccasin Boots for men are set apart by exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and they’re available in two versatile, handsome shades of leather in Men’s sizes 8-13.

To order, or for additional details and sizing, please visit the following links.

Men’s Crepe Sole Moccasin Boots in Black:

In Tan:

Choosing between the two looks may be the toughest decision. (Hint: you can always choose both!)
Bastien’s authentic Moccasin Boots


  • jk


    January 26, 2024

    Hi there!1
    Can I get these Perfect boots in Women’s or do I have to order mens?
    thank you,
    Ms jk🌸

  • Greg


    July 22, 2022

    These boots are exactly what I have been looking for.
    Do the tan/light brown boots come with or are the available with the dark or black crape sole….?

    Oh and the black ones are sooooooooo. Oooooo oooooooooo nice I just love em

    Thank you


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