My husband and I will be married 15 years this fall, and we were together for three years before that. It’s incredible how quickly those years can fly by... especially when they’re happy ones.

As a long-term couple, one of the things we’ve noticed is that our mutual influence on one another can manifest itself unintentionally in amusing ways. Here is our deep, dark secret:

Sometimes, we match our outfits.
lovely couple in the fall
It’s totally by accident, and that’s what makes it so funny. We’ll prepare separately for an outing or special event, then reconvene and realize we’re both wearing the same colors or similar clothing combinations. At this point, one of us decides to change, or else we just embrace it and face the world like rock stars with stylists who coordinate their wardrobes.

Increasingly, we are choosing to embrace it. Does this make us charming, or cheesy? I suspect perhaps both. Either way, however, there’s comfort in knowing that your partner is like the corresponding shoe to your mutual pair. Opposite, yet matching. Two of a kind. Is that so wrong?
men tying womens shoe lace on authentic moccasins
And comfort is what a lot of us are looking for in this unpredictable world, especially as the days get shorter and we move into cool, crisp fall weather. In fact, I can picture my husband and I bookending it on the sofa in front of the fire, wearing cozy, coordinating slippers and loving it.
men's and women's authentic moccasins by Bastien Industries
... Especially beautiful suede moccasins like these, which are Indigenous-made in North America by Bastien Industries. Lined with fleece and made with a natural sole, they’re designed for softness, warmth, and flexibility. Both the men’s and women’s design are made with natural tan moose hide, accented with rawhide laces and a hand-stitched vamp.
moose hide suede moccasins with fleece lining warm winter slippers
Available in Men’s sizes 7-13:

Available in Women’s sizes 4-10:
beautiful hand-beaded moccasins quality authentic
My favourite thing about these mocs is that they’re handcrafted by Huron-Wendat artisans at Village Huron in Quebec, Canada. This makes them authentic and extra special. I love that the women’s style includes the added touch of traditional beadwork.

I don’t know if my husband and I will ever resort to planning twin outfits on purpose, but if we ever do, these cozy moose hide moccasin slippers by Bastien are definitely the way to go!
Men's & women's authentic Native American moccasin winter slippers

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  • Don Sullivan

    Don Sullivan

    October 15, 2021

    Great piece on two people who love each other and their moccasins!

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