Buffalo are one of the most significant symbols for Amerindian nations.

Great herds once roamed across the plains of North America, providing sustenance and tools of survival to Indigenous communities.
there were no boundaries where the buffalo went we went quote
The buffalo became a spiritually powerful animal, and the sacred relationship between Indigenous peoples and the bison was celebrated with dances, ceremonies, and carefully crafted works honoring this magnificent beast.

Once hunted, every part of the buffalo was used, in tribute and gratitude to its sacrifice. Full- grain buffalo hide is particularly strong and beautiful, and could be utilized for shelter as well as apparel and blankets.
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Today, we can appreciate the history and unique, robust quality of buffalo leather with a pair of Amerindian-inspired moccasins for men by Laurentian Chief.

Handsome and distinctive, with hand stitched vamp and traditional gathered toe, these moccasin loafers are both comfortable and durable. The deep brown buffalo hide is deep and rich in tone with a pronounced, striking grain. It can sometimes bear the marks or scars of the animal’s life in the wild, which adds to the integrity of this very special leather.
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Laurentian Chief Buffalo Hide Moccasins have a soft suede interior and padded insole for a luxurious cushioned step. Their light rubber sole makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor wear. Contrasting rawhide laces provide a customized fit for slip-on, slip-off convenience.
buffalo hide authentic real leather moccasins
Available in Men’s sizes 7 - 13, these moccasins should fit snugly, as the leather will stretch and conform to your personal footstep.

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Buffalo Hide Moccasins are handmade in Canada in the tradition of heritage leather-craft. Aboriginal people honored and respected the natural world, and so the pelts and hides used to create Laurentian Chief products come from environmentally-responsible hunting.

An extra special moccasin is bound to have an extra special history. This is it.
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