If there’s one thing 2020 has taught me, it’s the importance of feeling safe, relaxed and comfortable.

It’s been five months since the pandemic really dropped and sent us spinning into our corners, wondering what to do next. Five months of not having a job outside the home. Five months of working on my laptop in my pyjamas at the kitchen counter.

It’s not a great look.

But... it’s been comfortable. As we lost control of the outside world, it felt good to close the door on it, to hunker down and hang out in sweats and lounge-wear. There has been freedom and relief in not having to dress up for other people. When things are stressful and unpredictable, I don’t want to have to zip tight, button up or buckle in. I want softness and give. I want snug. I want cozy.

I want new slippers.
Bastien Industries made in Canada authentic moccasins
And not the thin-soled, shabby variety. I want slippers that will up my game and elevate my ‘jams, or else make me want to actually get dressed before noon.

I think the ultimate slipper would be something lined with fleece, so my feet would feel extra comfy. A closed shoe, maybe a moccasin, with a soft sole for quietly padding around the house in the morning before I’ve had my first cup of tea.
brown moccasins suede with turquoise beading on the front
And if they’re going to be moccasin-style slippers, I’d want them to be authentically made in North America by indigenous artisans, with natural materials, like cowhide suede. Decorative bead-work would be nice, too — maybe with turquoise beading (Turquoise is my favorite.)
quality stitching turquoise beading moccasins
Yes. I think that would be the ultimate slipper for me. Something I could relax into, yet still feel like I was making an effort. Slippers I wouldn’t be embarrassed to have the courier guy see me wearing when he drops off yet another parcel because on-line shopping is the one thing Covid-19 hasn’t canceled.
cute suede beaded moccasin slippers for women
Anyone know where I can get a pair of slippers like that — maybe on-line for extra convenience?


authentic native american beaded moccasins


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