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Natural Sheepskin Crutch Cover

$13.95 USD

Brand Lambskin Specialties

  • If you or a loved one ever finds themselves in the unfortunate predicament of having to use crutches, these sheepskin crutch covers are a life saver... or shall we say an armpit saver. Although crutches are an amazing invention to help us be more mobile when our legs are restricted, let's face it, they aren't very comfortable. Not matter how much padding the crutches have they still ache your armpit and can cause rashes and irritated skin. These natural sheepskin crutch covers will add a thick, plush covering on your crutches to reduce and alleviate friction and pressure to the armpits. These sheepskin covers have been cut and fashioned to fit perfectly over standard crutches. *Each item sold separately, package include 1 sheepskin crutch cover.
    Material 100% Real Sheepskin
    Size One Size Fits All
    Color Natural Cream/White Shearling Sheepskin
    Inner Lining Sheepskin Suede
    Use Wrap Around Top of Crutches
Made in Canada 

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