Leather Medicine Pouch

SKU:   7LX

$9.50 USD


This genuine moose hide leather Native American Medicine Bag (a.k.a Medicine Bundle) is a small pouch measuring 3" with an 18" length cord. The rawhide cord fits nicely around your neck. This pouch is crafted by a Native American company, Bastien Industries and the leather color is Maple Brown. In Native American history, the medicine bag or bundle contained items believed to protect or give spiritual powers to its owner. Medicine men, warriors or entire tribes used these pouches to carry and protect sacred or important items. You can use this pouch to carry a variety of items such as tobacco, coins, rings, stones or other small objects. This medicine pouch is hand-crafted by a Native American company called Bastien Industries. They are a Canadian business offering authentic, 100% Canadian Huron-Wendat First Nation products.

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