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Men's Wide Width Soft Sole Leather Moccasins

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Men's Hunter Sole Wide Width Leather Moccasin Shoes

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Men's Soft Sole Wide Width Buffalo Moccasins


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Men's Soft Sole Leather Moccasins Woodstain

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Give Your Feet the Perfect Fit with Room to Move & Wiggle Your Toes When You Buy Men’s Authentic Native American Genuine Leather & Suede Moccasin Slippers. Here We Offer Canadian Handmade Extra Large & Wide Width Indoor Slip-On House Shoes for Big & Tall Men at Cheap Discount Prices.

When you are at home you want to relax and feel cozy. One of the ways to do this is buy wearing comfortable slip-on slippers or house shoes. There are many slippers on the market but not all of them are targeted to men who have extra big feet or require wide width shoes. Regular sized slippers will make your feet feel restricted from the tight fitting design which will make you uncomfortable. Men’s shoes that are too tight and small will cause foot pain or you risk breaking your slippers due to your toe busting out of the seam or walking on the edges of the slipper making them break down faster. Finding slippers that go all the way up to extra big and tall sizes can be difficult, especially at cheap affordable prices. You need a pair of comfortable wide width men’s slip-on slippers or moccasin house shoes that are comfortable and for sale at cheap discount prices or go up to extra large sizes.

Men’s authentic Native American moccasin slippers are perfect for men who require wide width or extra big fitting house shoes. Since they are handmade from genuine leather or suede they are pliable and have the ability to stretch and mold to your feet for ultimate comfort and flexibility. Men’s traditional soft sole indoor slip-on moccasin slippers are specifically designed for wide feet and are hand-sewn for a wide foot mold. This way you do not have to worry about your feet feeling restricted or confined from slippers that are too tight or too small. Genuine leather or suede slip-on moccasins handmade for big and tall men with extra large or wide width feet can fit all the way up to size 15 ensuring your feet have plenty of room to wiggle your toes in. Men’s authentic Canadian handmade Indian moccasins are reasonably priced and offer you high quality slippers at affordable cheap discount prices. They have a soft leather sole perfect for indoor use and there are two layers of leather with a foam padded insole which gives you the perfect amount of cushioning.

When buying men’s wide width or extra big fitting slippers or house shoes, you might be tempted to buy the cheapest discount pair. Cheap sale moccasins are usually made overseas out of inferior leather or suede that is not properly regulated or from cheap faux leather. Fake leather or cheap leather has a greater capability of tearing, flaking or will not stretch as well as genuine leather. This will cause your moccasins to wear out much faster costing you more money in the long run since you will have to replace them much sooner. Real leather or suede used in manufacturing Canadian handmade traditional men’s moccasin slippers is highly regulated and gathered by local hunters. This leather is selected to create beautiful high-quality moccasins. Authentic Native American soft sole moccasin slippers for big and tall men are not only made from the best high-quality materials, they are also hand-sewn with special attention to detail by skilled artisans. When you buy a pair of Canadian handmade wide width or extra large slip-on Indian moccasins for sale you are getting quality, comfort, durability and style that is next-to-none.

Here are Leather-Moccasins we have selected the best men’s traditional Indian slip-on moccasin slippers designed specifically for wide width feet or that come in extra large sizes for big and tall men. All of our authentic Native American moccasins are handmade from choice genuine deer, elk, moose or cow hide leather and suede. Each pair of men’s soft sole moccasin slippers are handmade in Canada by skilled shoe makers who pay close attention to detail and take pride in their work. We have men’s moccasins for year-round indoor use ensuring your moccasins slippers are equal in comfort and durability. Our website has a 100% secure checkout system and fast processing and delivery dates. We are glad to help by phone or email with sizing especially if you have extra wide width feet and are ensure if the slippers will fit. We make it easy for you to buy high-quality men’s genuine leather and suede moccasin slippers in extra big and tall sizes at cheap affordable discount sale prices.