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How to Comfortably Dance the Night Away at Your Wedding

You may be familiar with that painful feeling of wearing heels all day when you're at a wedding, contemplating whether you can possibly wear these uncomfortable shoes all day and then later survive on the dance floor. All the blisters, sore feet and aching calves aren't worth it at all, but your heels look so cute with your outfit. What to do, what to do? Find out how you comfortably dance the night away at your wedding.

June 01, 2016 by Francine Scheuermann

Even Better Moccasin Selection

We have expanded our moccasin selection to include one more brand of amazing high-quality genuine leather moccasins. We now carry Canadian handmade Laurentian Chief (Eugene Cloutier) moccasin slippers, shoes and boots. These two manufacturers provide the best craftsmanship with decades worth of product design, cutting and sewing experience.

Find out in-depth the history of our two new Canadian moccasin manufacturers. Both offer quality moccasins that are next-to-none.