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His + Hers

His + Hers

You love these slippers so much, you bought them for your spouse, because the same pair are available in men’s and women’s sizes. Together, you listen the crackle of the fire and the snow gusting around the house. Steam curls from your mug and you settle into your favorite corner of the couch. You’re safe and warm. You have each other. And your Laurentian Chief mocs.
December 19, 2019 by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
Moccasin Boots - The Natural Fit

Moccasin Boots - The Natural Fit

All Bastien moccasins are crafted on the Indigenous Huron Village reservation in Wendake, Quebec, where descendants of the Huron-Wendake tribe continue the artistry and skill of their ancestors.

Bastien’s 21199 moccasin boots are authentic in heritage, materials, concept and craftsmanship. You’ll notice and appreciate the difference. Naturally.
October 23, 2019 by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell
A Canadian Classic

A Canadian Classic

Traditionally, the Canadian "identity" has been hard to define. Jokes abound, of course. We say "eh" a lot. We like our Timmies. We are a country of bacon, poutine, hockey, and apologies, with a few moose and a maple leaf or two thrown in for good measure.

All of this may be true (and it is!) but what exactly does it mean to be quintessentially Canadian?

Let’s look at the Laurentian Chief brand 743INDL moccasins and find out...
September 19, 2019 by Dana Ruprecht, photos by Trevor Connell

Why Canadian Moccasins Are the Best

Why are Canadian handmade moccasin so rocking awesome?!?

Find out why people buy Canadian handmade moccasins, and why some people can't seem to let them go.
November 09, 2014 by Francine Scheuermann

Even Better Moccasin Selection

We have expanded our moccasin selection to include one more brand of amazing high-quality genuine leather moccasins. We now carry Canadian handmade Laurentian Chief (Eugene Cloutier) moccasin slippers, shoes and boots. These two manufacturers provide the best craftsmanship with decades worth of product design, cutting and sewing experience.

Find out in-depth the history of our two new Canadian moccasin manufacturers. Both offer quality moccasins that are next-to-none.

How To Make Moccasins

Below you will find a basic description of how our moccasins are made by our Canadian manufacturers.

March 20, 2014 by Francine Scheuermann