I was just talking with someone the other day. She explained that her husband has been wearing the same Canadian made moccasins for 20 years! 20 years is a long time! He refuses to wear anything else. Their daughter even bought him a pair of L.L. Bean moccasins but he refuses to wear them. One of the leather soles on his original moccasins ended up with a hole in it. Rather than buying a new pair or trying something else, he just got a new leather sole put on. Often times people fear that they will never be able to find the same moccasins ever again because they have grown attached to the superior quality and craftsmanship. This is not the only story we have ever heard like this. It makes you wonder "Why are Canadian handmade moccasin so rocking awesome?!?"

Example of Worn Out Moccasins Needing to be Replaced - Same Pair Brand New

Peace of Mind

When you buy Canadian handmade moccasins you can have peace of mind knowing that you are buying a local product designed and constructed with care. Most footwear companies ship all of their manufacturing overseas. While this may cut down on retail costs, you are not sure of the material quality or the working environment of the laborers. The manufacturing plants in Canada hire local employees which boosts the economy of the region. You can also feel good about the leather attained for making the actual moccasins. You know that the leather is attained from local quality controlled hunts. The manufacturers work closely with the local tanneries to help create jobs and beautiful footwear.

Superb Quality

The fact that our moccasins can last someone up to 20 years, shows the quality level of our products. When a product is hand-cut and sewn there is great attention to detail. It is more of an art that has the utmost respect for traditional crafting techniques rather than a mindless task done by a machine.

Made from Genuine Leather

Leather is one of the best products for footwear. Not only is it comfortable and has the ability to stretch and mold to your feet, it is also long-lasting and sweat/odor resistant. When buying moccasins I would never settle for anything less than genuine leather.


Native North Americans created footwear that is still used today. They must have known what type of footwear would best serve our feet as they offer comfort and beauty since forever. Although moccasins have changed slightly in style they are still very much true to their original design. When you are buying Native American Indian handmade moccasins from manufacturers who are of actual Aboriginal descent you are getting the best moccasins on the market. Canadian made moccasins support aboriginal communities, keep the traditions alive and celebrating aboriginal values and history.

Truly Canadian

People value Canadian made moccasins as they are unique to Canada. Every country and region has a specialty. The Swiss are known for their Chocolate. New Zealand specializes in sheep farming. Italians are known for their pizza, pasta and passion. The list goes on and one. One of the things Canadians do best is make moccasins and mukluks. Thanks to the Native American traditions, moccasins are special when they come from Canada.

When you buy Canadian handmade moccasins you can proudly walk around knowing that you bought a pair of moccasins backed by the best quality and craftsmanship. Try a pair of authentic Canadian moccasins and you will never go back! Visit our store to see our large variety of Native American handmade moccasins today.


  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    September 19, 2019

    In reply to Shirl: Feel free to email us directly at info@thebrownbear.ca

    We don’t make custom moccasins but we might be able to help you find a style that matches your description.

  • Shirl


    September 19, 2019

    I’m looking for an unusual pair of Mocs ! Not made to order! 71/5 prefer laces to tighten and maybe off white with some lcolored accents! But any color except brown or black! Thanks

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