One of the many side effects that chemotherapy patients deal with is discomfort in their feet. Foot soreness can be incredibly painful and may result in swelling, redness, tingling, numbness and blistering.  Chemo patient's feet can be sore to the touch, even to the point of discomfort under the pressure of bedding while sleeping.  For most patients, this pain begins during treatment and continues months after it is complete.  So anything that can help ease the pain and improve quality of life, is of great importance to those receiving treatment.

Some doctors have recommended moccasins as the ideal footwear for chemo patients as they are lightweight and comfortable. Moccasin slippers are loose fitting and soft so they limit friction against your feet. Authentic moccasins that are made of all natural leather are the most breathable and durable as opposed to synthetic slippers.

Some chemo patients find it difficult to sleep at night as the discomfort of their feet keeps them awake. Moccasin slippers with a fleece or sheepskin liner, can be worn to bed to keep the covers from pressing on your toes.

Soft sole all-natural moccasins without any synthetic insoles will also allow earthing to occur which helps to aid in the healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. Earthing or grounding neutralizes your body by an electron transfer, that occurs when you touch the earth, with your bare skin or through conductive material. All natural authentic moccasins are conductive as they have no rubber sole and are not made of synthetic material. Grounding works by electrons firing from the earth's energy, through the nerve endings in your feet.

Biophysicist James Oschman says, "Earthing ... provides a rock solid biological platform, a basis, for all the other treatments and care ... [it] is like a universal antidote. It seems to reset the physiological playing field, allowing the body to be its own best healer and do the job it's designed to do - repair and regenerate itself, and create energy to sustain a long and productive life."1
So not only is moccasin footwear the most comfortable for chemo patients' feet, it is the best footwear to aid in the body's healing process for the patient.

So if you or someone you love is having foot pain due to chemotherapy, purchase a pair of soft sole leather moccasins today. Take care of your feet and enjoy life to the fullest by lessening or eliminating unnecessary foot pain.

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  • Dana


    November 23, 2023

    Can the women’s ballerina slipper fit someone’s feet that have edema at times? What would you say the width of these are?

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