At Leather-Moccasins we strive to sell high-quality moccasins handmade/hand-sewn from durable genuine leather. Below you will find a basic description of how our moccasins are made by our Canadian manufacturers. The images in this post were taken from Bastien Industries.

The first step is making sure you have the proper pattern that will fit your foot. Each moccasin fits a mold that is used for standard sizes. Near the end of the process the molds are used for final assembly and hand sewing.

The next step is cutting out the pattern from the genuine leather material. Each cut is carefully selected to ensure the proper grain and stretch is utilized for each piece. Using a leather punch, the holes are punched out of the leather. Any hand-sewn beading or accents are also applied during this step.

There are many additional details such as gluing leather pieces together and inserting a foam padding and leather laces.

Some parts of the moccasins are hand-sewn and other parts are hand-stitched.


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