The sole purpose of slippers is to keep your feet warm and snug. No other material is going to feel as toasty as genuine sheepskin slippers. High-quality sheepskin slippers are soft and plush and have several health benefits. Sheepskin is known to help with circulation, skin problems and even diabetes.

Garneau Original Sheepskin Slippers

Leather-Moccasins is proud to be able to offer you Garneau Original sheepskin slippers. Garneau manufactures their products entirely by hand, according to the rules of the art in their studio in the Eastern Townships, a region located in the province of Quebec, Canada. All of the slippers are handmade with the best raw materials available in the market.

Garneau slippers are the only ones that are designed with removable and replaceable insoles! The insoles increase the comfort and durability of the slipper. Sheepskin has been used for centuries as a natural insulator and is one of the warmest materials. The hollow fibbers in the sheepskin’s wool allow your feet to breath so they will not overheat or feel too hot. Slippers made of genuine sheepskin also have the ability to wick away 70% of moisture preventing your feet from sweating and smelling. It can also absorb 30% of it’s own weight in moisture. Synthetic, man-made insulators can only hold as little as 2%.

We sell a large selection of Garneau sheepskin slippers. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding our sheepskin slippers.


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