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Why 137597 Is Our Best Seller Of All Time

Why 137597 Is Our Best Seller Of All Time

The 137597 are a pair of men's moccasin ankle boots that have been our best seller for quite some time and we want explore why in this blog. Like all our genuine moccasins, they match with any casual outfit and are also durable, flexible and comfortable. So let's take a closer look to see what makes these crepe sole moccasins so highly sought after compared to some the other great ones we have to offer.
August 21, 2019 by Jessica Marshall, photos by Trevor Connell
What Makes Moccasins Authentic?

What Makes Moccasins Authentic?

American Indian handcrafted moccasins have never been more alive or dynamic for your feet. They continue to be one of the most gratifying and exciting forms of footwear to wear because authentic Native Indian Moccasins combine age-old tradition, innovation and talent. It is gratifying to know that purchasing and wearing traditional Native American footwear helps to continue the expression and livelihood of American Indian artisans and the preservation of our country's only indigenous footwear. The classic moccasin footwear is undoubtedly influenced by centuries of history, combinations of intrinsic spirit with timeless, attractive appeal.
Vegetable Vs. Chemical Tanning

Vegetable Vs. Chemical Tanning

There are two main ways genuine leather is tanned and that is chemically, also known as chrome tanning, and vegetable tanning. A lot of people write to us about vegetable tanning vs. chemical tanning so this blog talks about these 2 different processes and their advantages and disadvantages. It is important to know how the real leather you buy is treated and tanned. People with sensitivities to chemicals should pay special attention to the tanning process of natural leather so as to protect themselves. All of our handmade leathers products and apparel are chemically tanned, but we thought we'd let our readers know about the differences between the two different processes.
December 06, 2016 by Francine Scheuermann

Garneau's Genuine Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin has the amazing ability to have both a warming and cooling effect depending on what your feet need. The specialized lanolin fibres of 100% organic sheepskin are able to control body temperature and prevent your skin from sweating and overheating. At Leather Moccasins we carry Garneau sheepskin house shoes made with reversed sheepskin and leather or colorful suede. All Garneau sheepskin slippers and boots are handmade, by artisans in Quebec, Canada. Let's take a look at our superb line of Garneau Sheepskin footwear.

August 03, 2015 by Francine Scheuermann

Why Canadian Moccasins Are the Best

Why are Canadian handmade moccasin so rocking awesome?!?

Find out why people buy Canadian handmade moccasins, and why some people can't seem to let them go.
November 09, 2014 by Francine Scheuermann

Even Better Moccasin Selection

We have expanded our moccasin selection to include one more brand of amazing high-quality genuine leather moccasins. We now carry Canadian handmade Laurentian Chief (Eugene Cloutier) moccasin slippers, shoes and boots. These two manufacturers provide the best craftsmanship with decades worth of product design, cutting and sewing experience.

Find out in-depth the history of our two new Canadian moccasin manufacturers. Both offer quality moccasins that are next-to-none.