American Indian handcrafted moccasins have never been more alive or dynamic for your feet. They continue to be one of the most gratifying and exciting forms of footwear to wear because authentic Native Indian Moccasins combine age-old tradition, innovation and talent. It is gratifying to know that purchasing and wearing traditional Native American footwear helps to continue the expression and livelihood of American Indian artisans and the preservation of our country's only indigenous footwear. The classic moccasin footwear is undoubtedly influenced by centuries of history, combinations of intrinsic spirit with timeless, attractive appeal. Wearing Canadian made moccasins, in which the Native artist uses techniques and materials their ancestors did thousands of years ago, which has evolved into a truly classic as well as contemporary, wearable art, will lead you to conclude that there is always a place for beauty that only human hands can produce.
Unfortunately the appreciation of and interest in the artistry of American Indians has resulted in misrepresentations in the marketplace both online and in store. The popularity of traditional moccasins has been legitimately represented as Native American inspired or Canadian handcrafted, which should not be confused with authentic handmade Native Indian works of art. It is important to understand that when you purchase the genuine product such as our footwear from Bastien Industries, you help preserve the integrity and commitment of today's American Indian artists.
The Indian Arts and Crafts Association (IACA) is an organization that was established in 1974 due to the growing problem of misrepresentations of Native American Indian arts and crafts in the marketplace within Canada and the USA. It has grown into an international organization thats goal is to promote, preserve and protect authentic works of art all over the world from retailers and consumers to government agencies and museums. Of their 6 Code of Ethics, IACA aims to honestly represent Native artisan arts and crafts and encourage consumer confidence identified with the IACA seal which includes authentic moccasins such as our Bastien Industries products that we carry.
At Leather Moccasins we carry several Canadian, handmade, traditional moccasins. However only one brand that we sell is truly considered authentic. For those who choose to invest in the grace, beauty and comfort of Native Indian footwear, wearing a pair of Bastien Industries authentic moccasins will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Visit our online store, Leather Moccasins, for a complete line of traditional moccasins with competitive pricing. We value our customers which is why we believe in educating our consumers informing them to make the perfect choice for their needs. We have helpful customer care, informative blogs, fast shipping and a secure checkout. Have a look at some of our indigenous moccasins, today.



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