Bastien IndustriesWe strive to provide you with the best footwear and that is why we carry Bastien Industries moccasins. All of their moccasins are authentic and handmade by Native North Americans. When you buy a pair of our moccasins, supplied by Bastien Industries, you will receive a high-quality moccasin made of the finest genuine leather. All of their moccasins include a special tag that reads:

"This tag certifies that these moccasins have been crafted by the Huron Indians on their Reservation at Huron Village (Wendake) Quebec, Canada. For many moons the Huron Indians have been making fine moccasins, their traditional footwear. They reflect this heritage of fine craftsmanship. Hand beaded, hand laced and made of genuine leather, which sometimes shows hair cells and fat wrangles provided by Mother Nature ... from the healed-over scars and barded wire starches accumulated over a lifetime. This is what we call “GENUINE LEATHER”.

We, at Bastien Industries, buy only the finest quality leather and suede so that we may offer you a high quality product. The moccasin should fit snuggly at first as real leather will expand and take form of your foot with wear.

Bastien family carry on this tradition since 1878."

The popular HIAWATHA brand of handbeaded moccasins, which bear the skillful needlecraft of the majority of the women of Wendake village, are distributed to many parts of the world. Descendants of the Huron-Wendat tribe will be found carrying on the work of their ancestors, going to their daily work in the Bastien factory, making moccasins and indian novelties.

Visit our store to find a large selection of moccasins for men, women and children handmade by Bastien Industries.

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I love my handmade Bastien Huron indian Mocassins from Canada and I ground in them every day! They had my size 7 on back order so the company told me to get a ruler and measure my feet which I did – my feet are 8 and 1/2 inches. They sent me a size 6 and my feet feel like I have no shoes on when I wear them! These are awesome! It takes one wearing and they mold to your feet! What happens if they get wet anyone know? I wonder? Not that I wear them in the rain! But I am wondering? I love them!

Janet Orr

I love this type of moccasin, they are highly practical and very comfortable and yet still look traditionally.


I have just ordered the Bastien Industries Women’s Maple Tan Moose Hide Leather Ballet Earthing Moccasins in dark maple from Amazon and was so excited to see them. I grew up riding horses bareback and wearing plain leather moccasins that were similar to these. The Bastien Industries Women’s Moose Hide Leather with Heavy Oil Tan Sole Ballet Earthing Moccasins seem to be heavier weight (?) and would be even better for me, but are only offered in tan. I never wear tan shoes, 99% of my shoes are black. Would it be possible to have a pair made all black, (I am a barefoot person and would use these as my regular shoes). Your shoes are gorgeous!!!! I would love to have several pairs made in a black leather.

Thanks in advance for your response!


Dorcas Duttle

i just want a plain beaded moccasin. all leather no insulation. double soled. please!

men’s size 8 and 1/2
that will stretch to my foot size of about 9 and 1/4.

i have previously had plain simple moccasins from saskatchewan.

can you make such?


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