You may be familiar with that painful feeling of wearing heels all day when you're at a wedding, contemplating whether you can possibly wear these uncomfortable shoes all day and then later survive on the dance floor. All the blisters, sore feet and aching calves aren't worth it at all, but your heels look so cute with your outfit. What to do, what to do?

Wear Moccasins! Yes we have cute, ballet flat style moccasins available in a variety of colors. Go ahead and wear your fancy heels all day if you'd like. Then later when on the dance floor, whip out your trendy leather moccasin slippers. They are super comfy, quiet and lightweight so you'll feel like you're floating around the dance floor all night while wearing them. You're feet will thank you later and best of all you'll be able to enjoy the dance and still look and feel great!

These slippers will get more use than just dances at weddings as once you try them you'll absolutely love them. Your genuine leather ballet moccasins will become your favorite indoor house shoe during the summer months. Although they have a soft sole, you can also wear these stylish moccasin slippers outside in the grass and they'll match with everything in your wardrobe.

Our deerskin ballet flats also conveniently come in natural colors so listen up brides, you can be comfy and cozy too on your big day! There's no reason why a bride can't wear these beautiful moccasins under her dress. Why if your dress is long enough, you can wear any colour of our all natural moccasins under there as no one will see your shoes anyways. You could wear these trendy soft sole moccasins all day for that matter. If you'd rather wear your fancy dress shoes for the wedding and pictures, as you need the height, or just like how they go with your dress, then do so. Just bring your all natural ballet moccasins for the reception as you'll have your dress or train bustled anyways. Relax a little with your attire and you'll truly enjoy your special day in comfort.

Whether you're attending a wedding, a bridesmaid or even the bride, wear a pair of deerskin leather moccasin ballet slippers and you won't be disappointed. Their cute, stylish, super soft, comfortable and handmade in Canada by one of our top vendors, Bastien Industries. These beautiful moccasins are all handcrafted and hand stitched by Native Indian artisans out of the finest Canadian deerskin. At Leather Moccasins online store we gladly ship our moccasins all over the United States and around the world. We offer fast and reliable shipping, affordable priced footwear, friendly customer service with a safe and secure checkout. So if you want to dance the night away, try a pair of our sleek ballet moccasins today.

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  • Claudette LeBlanc

    Claudette LeBlanc

    July 09, 2015

    I would skip the heals all together. ..and go with the moccasins allll dayyyy longggg. ?

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