We love hearing testimonials about how much our customers enjoy wearing their traditional moccasins. But what's even more fun and interesting for us is finding out where our customers love wearing their comfortable moccasins. We thought we'd share some great and unique places that our authentic moccasins have been found to be worn. It might just open up more possibilities of where you could wear your casual moccasins on a daily basis. We know that if you've worn our handmade moccasins, you love them so much you won't want to take them off. So take the limits off and try wearing them ...

To Work

Why not wear traditional moccasins to work? Whether you find yourself standing, walking or sitting while at work, your feet might as be comfortable inside your soft moccasins. Teachers, secretaries, sales representatives, bankers, real estate agents and even factory workers (hidden inside a pair of protective NEOS overshoes) have been found wearing a number of different style of Native Indian moccasins at the workplace. Some wear rubber sole moccasin shoes if they are outside while on the job, while others wear soft sole moccasin slippers. Either way, leather moccasins are lightweight and easy to store in a locker or toss in your bag while traveling between job sites.

To The Beach

Known to be the vacation shoe of choice, traditional moccasins are casual, comfortable and easy to pack. Simply dump them out if they get sandy, or carry them along if you want that sandy feeling between your toes. If you keep your handmade moccasins with you then you have something comfortable to wear while you drive or walk back home. You also don't have to worry about sandal tan lines or needing to pack or wear socks as you can wear your leather moccasins barefoot. More therapeutic for your feet, traditional moccasins are far better to wear to the beach than flip flops or cheap sandals.

To Church

Heels and dress shoes are not as popular anymore because people are realizing that they need to take care of their feet. The good news is you don't have to sacrifice style or comfort when you choose to wear trendy moccasins to church. Both men and women can feel comfortable and look good while dressed up every Sunday wearing their favorite slippers. Again, the fact that soft sole moccasins are so lightweight, you can easily pack them in your purse and use them as a stylish slipper once you arrive. Otherwise, if you have crepe or rubber soled moccasins, you don't have to pack a thing. Just slip them on and enjoy the walk or drive and service.

I'm sure now that we've got the wheels turning, you can quickly think of a few more places you can most certainly wear your comfy moccasins. It's not like you need permission to wear your slippers out in public, its just sometimes you need a spark to ignite the many possibilities. So don't hesitate to slip on your favourite leather moccasins and wear them out wherever you plan to go.

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  • Christopher Marshall

    Christopher Marshall

    May 09, 2016

    What great ideas. All seasons, all situations. Love it.


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