If you haven't lubricated your traditional leather moccasins regularly, or if they have been exposed to heat or UV rays, the leather may not be as soft as it once was. You may be wondering how you can soften the leather so your favourite shoes are soft and comfortable once again. It's really not that difficult and can be easily done in a few minutes at home.

Before trying to soften leather, it is important to make sure your authentic moccasins are completely clean and dry. You can do this by lightly scrubbing your authentic moccasins with a damp cloth. Wipe them again with a dry cloth if necessary.

Once dry and clean you may choose to apply an oil onto your real leather moccasins in order to properly soften the leather. Using an oil will restore and nourish the leather which will make the shoes softer. Please remember that any oil you try, be sure to only apply on a small portion, preferably a hidden area, in case what you use damages the leather. Some oils may also darken the leather. Also, make sure to read the label of the oil you are applying. If any oil you choose contains pine tar, castor oil, mineral oil or other toxic chemicals such as petroleum you are better not to try it as it will likely ruin the leather of your precious moccasins. Here are a list of oils that are safe to try on your handmade leather moccasins.

- Olive oil will both soften and renew your traditional moccasins quite nicely. Apply a small amount of olive oil onto a clean, dry cloth and scrub it onto your leather moccasin slippers or shoes.
- Coconut oil will also work quite efficiently at softening and renewing your authentic moccasins. You can apply the coconut oil onto your finger tips and simply rub it into the leather directly. It is a natural way to soften and tenderize the leather with a tropical smell.

- You can also apply leather shoe polish. However if you go this route please make sure you use the correct color and that you properly follow the application instructions.
- One of our manufacturers suggests to try a natural oil such as beaver oil to soften the leather of your favorite moccasin slippers or shoes.
- You can also use saddle soap or mink oil to soften the leather of your Native American moccasins. Check out our "How to Protect Your New Moccasins" blog to learn more about these 2 products.

Take care of your moccasins and your feet will thank you. Perhaps it is time to throw out those old pair of leather moccasin shoes or slippers, especially if they need more than just a softening treatment to make them feel and look brand new. Try a new pair of soft Native Indian moccasins, today. Leather Moccasins ships our Canadian handmade moccasins all over the world. We have a secure checkout, timely shipping and economical prices for our superior product. We are here to help and serve you better, so contact us today.


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  • Vicki


    February 18, 2021

    Can you do the same with suede moccasins

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