Now that you have a brand new pair of moccasins you likely want to take the best possible care of them. Taking good care of your moccasin footwear will keep them looking and feeling great for a long time. Traditional moccasins are comprised of mostly all natural products so just like your own skin, the leather or suede surface needs proper cleaning and moisturizing.

First prepare your leather or suede moccasins by wiping them with a dry cloth. Next you may choose to apply saddle soap as it has the combined benefit of cleaning, conditioning, softening and moisturizing the leather or suede of your moccasin. You should reapply the saddle soap several times before wearing your moccasins. This treatment will probably darken the leather slightly but it helps keep your moccasins free from stains and prevents dirt from clogging the natural pores of the leather.

Then if you are looking for a natural treatment to protect your moccasins you can follow the saddle soap application with pure mink oil or a good quality leather lotion. Mink oil comes from the fat of minks and can be used to condition leather or suede. Mink oil paste can be melted before applying to allow greater saturation into the leather. Be aware of the mink oil compounds. While many competitive products are petroleum-based, find a mink oil that is 100% animal oils. Oil your moccasins frequently, to prevent the leather from becoming dry. Timing of reapplication will depend on the weather, humidity, amount and type of usage, Don’t forget to oil the leather laces to keep them pliable and to help prevent friction that may fray the tabs and button lacings.

If you are looking for maximum protection and only want to have to treat your moccasins once or twice a year then you may prefer to use TANA All Protector. TANA All Protector is an advanced fluoropolymer based formula that creates an invisible shield that allows material to breathe as it repels the elements. This high quality spray prevents dirt from settling into the leather making cleaning much easier. The invisible barrier that TANA All Protector creates will protect your moccasins when in contact with water. The spray keeps the leather or suede dry so the the water beads off preventing the soft leather from eventually cracking and drying out. To apply the TANA All Protector the leather or suede moccasin must be clean and dry. Shake the bottle really well and hold it upright, 15-20 cm away and spray the entire article. Do not fully saturate and allow to dry.

If your moccasins get dirty, then hand wash the outside of muddy or dusty moccasins with warm water. Then reapply saddle soap while they are still wet and let them air dry somewhere that is not in direct sunlight. After washing you can either reapply pure mink oil or coat with TANA All Protector, depending on which you prefer.

If you take care of your moccasins they are sure to last for many years. They will stay feeling soft and comfortable and looking great so it is well worth the effort. We hope this blog has answered your questions about proper care and cleaning of leather and suede moccasins. If you are looking to purchase a new pair of genuine moccasins that have been handmade in Canada then please visit one of our product pages today. We ship around the world and are happy to serve you.

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In response to Lawrence:
It’s a matter of preference. Mink oil can and likely will change the colour of the leather, whereas the tana will not. Mink oil is a natural product though, so that’s the benefit there.

The Brown Bear

Am I reading this correctly that is better to apply the TANA instead of applying mink oil on new unworn mocs? Or both have to be applied alternating each other?

Lawrence Cuatico

In response to Betty Mason: I would not recommend washing moccasins in a washing machine as it will ruin the leather.

Here are a few blog posts that might help you,
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The Brown Bear

hello can i wash the moccs in the washing machine?

Betty Mason

You need to use the natural mink oil in order to protect the leather for maximum grounding.

You can also read this blog we wrote on our sister website about how to restore leather for Earthing:

Vanessa Morley

I see questions about conditioners inhibiting the earthing properties, yet no answers. What treatment is advised to allow maximum grounding?

Jim Plants

Will saddle soap or mink oil interfere with earthing?

Joan wichern

To clarify above: Saddle soap for a few times THEN TANA.

Is this correct?


If oiled the best way will it interfere with the earthing effect? Thank hou

Theodore Howard

Suede Mukluks. Can the Tana All Protector be used on suede Mukluks? What protects the fur on them?

Gae Fenn

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