I started blog writing for The Brown Bear about 2 years ago and have been writing blogs for Leather Moccasins, as well as their 5 other sites, ever since. About 6 months after I started working for The Brown Bear I got my own first pair of authentic moccasins and quickly fell in love with them. So it seemed fitting to get a pair of traditional moccasins for my parents and in-laws for Christmas presents as they had heard me rant and rave about them for the past year. Little did I know this past Christmas that 1 pair in particular would carry a story with them that I will never forget.

Like myself, my in-laws and mother also quickly started to enjoy wearing their real moccasins on a regular basis. My dad on the other hand found his didn't quite fit right. I ended up getting him a size bigger and they seemed to work better. I got him a pair of hard driving sole moccasins, that have a double hand stitched vamp as I wanted them to be durable and hold up over time with outdoor use. My dad is always outside, on the go, either piling wood, gassing up the boat or taking my eldest to catch the bus at the bus stop. So I wanted something he could easily slip on and wear down at the dock, out by the campfire or to church if he wanted. By the time I got around to exchanging his leather moccasins for the right size, it was mid winter. He wore them for a little while as indoor slippers, but then headed to Florida on vacation so they were left at home waiting to be put to use again in the spring.

Shortly after my parents returned home from Florida in the beginning of April 2016, my dad was hospitalized and later diagnosed with a stage 4 Glioblastoma brain tumour. For the first few weeks in the hospital he wore his rubber sole moccasins as they were easy to slip on and he found he was more stable on them than the slippery disposable hospital slippers patients are offered. My dad very quickly lost all mobility and his feet started to swell. My family made every effort to get him outside daily in order to enjoy the fresh air. We found his comfy moccasins were the only footwear we could still fit on his feet when taking him outside in a wheelchair. Once switched to palliative care, we moved my dad home to spend his last few days surrounded by family, friends and the beautiful lakefront view his bed overlooked from his living room picture window. Sadly at the age of 60, my dad passed away on July 17, 2016.

I ended up taking a short break from writing as I spent a great deal of time by my father's side and then was busy with funeral arrangements etc. Of course being a writer, I'm always looking for ideas and topics to write about. The other day I was walking through my parents house and I spotted my dad's hardly worn, authentic moccasins. I thought about the story behind his first and last pair of real moccasins and how I wanted to share their short lived story with my readers. I knew I was ready and it was time for me to start writing again.

Everyone has a story behind their authentic moccasins and we'd love to hear yours. Tell us where you wear your genuine moccasins, how you heard about us or what you love about them. We love hearing testimonials and look forward to hearing yours. Thank you for reading my story and hope you enjoy the personal customer care and service you receive when you shop online with Leather-Moccasins.


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