Moccasins Shoes - Crepe Vs. Rubber Sole
Moccasin shoes, wether driving or loafer style moccasins can come with a crepe or rubber sole. This blog outlines the differences between the two different sole options we offer at Leather Moccasins. We hope after reading the benefits and disadvantages of each, you'll be better equipped to choose the type of sole that will suit your uses and preferences the best.

Crepe Sole

Crepe is a crinkly lace, crude form of natural rubber. Basically crepe rubber is taken directly from the source, making it straight from the rubber tree, except nowadays it is synthesized.

Benefits of Crepe Sole:

- The crepe rubber in crepe soled shoes is fairly inexpensive to produce so it may lower the cost of the moccasins you are looking to buy.
- Crepe rubber can give you the bounce in your step that you need as it is shock absorbent.
- Crepe rubber is the most comfortable sole you can get for a shoe.
- A crepe sole can provide loose comfort for your feet while remaining fairly durable.
- Crepe sole's are much quieter to walk in.
- Crepe provides better insulation.
- Crepe sole's do not track mud or dirt like rubber soles.
- For years now crepe soles seem to retain that authentic appearance so they look good on casual moccasins.
- Crepe rubber soles are best for indoor use.

Disadvantages of Crepe Sole:

- Some people find crepe soles almost sticky because of their crinkly texture.
- Others find crepe soles don't hold up as well on wet surfaces.
- Crepe soles are known to be more flimsy than rubber soles.
- Crepe rubber is almost a yellow colour, or light coloured in nature, so some people do not like how it looks on their shoes.
- Crepe soles are only meant for light outdoor use.
- Crepe rubber will eventually break down or wear out if worn on pavement.

Rubber Sole

Our rubber soles moccasins are made out of what is called camp rubber.

Benefits of Rubber Sole:

- Rubber soled moccasins offer a casual look.
- Camp rubber is usually covered with little dots or textured designs that help with traction.
- Camp rubber is usually lightweight and flexible which are both great attributes when it comes to the bottom of your shoes.
- Rubber soles are more stable and have better traction.
- Rubber soles are waterproof.
- Rubber soles are meant for outdoor use.
- Rubber soles are comfortable to walk in as they absorb the foot strike impact of your step.

Disadvantages of Rubber Sole:

- Camp rubber is more expensive than crepe.
- Rubber soles are noisy to walk in, especially if wet.
- Rubber soles are not naturally breathable.
- Rubber soles will allow mud and dirt to cake on or build up on the sole.
- Rocks may get stuck in the tread of a rubber sole.

At Leather Moccasins we have all sorts of casual driving moccasins that come with either a rubber or crepe sole so check out our selection, today. We have fast shipping, friendly customer care and a secure checkout.

September 20, 2016 by Francine Scheuermann
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