Women are known to have cold extremities compared to men because they tend to have lower blood pressure and poorer circulation. It is also because the temperature in which women's bodies start conserving energy is about 3 degrees higher than men. When the body starts conserving heat, the blood vessels constrict making the blood flow slower and therefore making hands and feet feel chilled or cooler. Some doctors believe that it's because the focus of women's circulatory system is to stay by the heart and reproductive organs keeping them warm, safe and protected.

Although it is slightly a myth that you can lose body heat through your head, it is true that you can lose body heat from any part of your body that is exposed to the elements. The amount of body heat you lose through your head depends on a few factors like how thick your hair is and how much energy you use. Consequently you can lose body heat through your hands and feet if you are not wearing warm mitts, a cozy hat or warm footwear to keep body heat trapped inside.

You may be wondering what's the best way to keep warm this winter. The solution is simple - wear non-synthetic, warm articles of clothing such as real mukluks, leather mittens, moose hide slippers and sheepskin hats. For example, Natural shearling hats and boots work as excellent insulators because genuine sheepskin wicks away moisture keeping your hands, feet and head toasty warm and comfortable. Other natural materials such as Leather and suede, are wind resistant which enables them to keep you warm on cold, windy days such as wearing leather mittens or suede slippers.

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