The Eugene Cloutier company makes a woman’s moccasin ankle boot that completely captures the Canadian spirit.

Traditionally, the Canadian "identity" has been hard to define. Jokes abound, of course. We say "eh" a lot. We like our Timmies. We are a country of bacon, poutine, hockey, and apologies, with a few moose and a maple leaf or two thrown in for good measure.

All of this may be true (and it is!) but what exactly does it mean to be quintessentially Canadian?

Let’s look at the Laurentian Chief brand 743INDL moccasins and find out...

They’re Made in Canada

Your purchase of Laurentian Chief moccasins supports Canadian business!
Women's Laurentian Chief Moccasin Boots
Eugene Cloutier designs and manufacturers all of their footwear in Quebec, Canada. Their workshop and proud employment of regional artisans has greatly contributed to the local economy. Good stuff!

They Honour History & Tradition

The 743INDL ankle boot is designed in soft contrasting suede and supple leather with laces, and the Laurentian Chief brand imprinted onto the vamp.

Eugene Cloutier has been creating high quality Aboriginal-inspired footwear for almost 75 years. Moccasins and boots are carefully handcrafted from cow and moose hide using leather work techniques perfected over generations.
women's moccasin with red and black paid fleece
Following in the values of indigenous peoples, the pelts, furs, and skins used in the making of Cloutier products are sourced from environmentally-responsible hunting.

They’re Fun AND Functional

Laurentian Chief women’s ankle boots are made for outdoor use. With thick mosca rubber soles and cheeky buffalo check polar lining, you’ll be cozy and comfortable, while their walking boot styling and stitched details put you on point with the latest boho fashion trends.
Cute women's ankle moccasin boots
Like all good Canadian things, these moccasins are classic and dependable. You can count on their good fit and enduring style. Available in warm Indian Tan, sizes 5 - 10.

Visit for these and other Canadian-made boots, moccasins, and mukluks!

Wear your moccasins proudly and celebrate the spirit of Canada!
Canadian Maple Leaf Fall


  • MIke SIeczkowski

    MIke SIeczkowski

    June 16, 2020

    I purchased a pair of moccasins after searching a wide variety of Internet sites with the hope of finding a pair of everyday feel good footwear for around our cabin at Lake of the Ozarks. Because of the price and lack of knowledge about LM and the fact that I find that buying shoes without trying them on first is usually a nightmare for me I was apprehensive but willing to take a chance. When my moccasins arrived I was anxious but hopeful. I knew that I made a great choice when I opened the box and could smell the fresh leather! As hoped these have now become part of my signature “look and feel” for our Retreat! You have gained a customer! Thank you!

  • The Brown Bear

    The Brown Bear

    October 23, 2019

    In response to Kelly Wheeler: We are truly Canadian. Our prices on this website are for the convenience of our US customer. For Canadian Dollar CAD please visit our other website We have all the same products.

    In response to John Scott: Yes! We have the exact same style for men just search for SKU 743INDM.



    October 23, 2019


  • Kelly Wheeler

    Kelly Wheeler

    October 23, 2019

    If you are truly a Canadian company, why are the prices in US?

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