Exceptional, high-quality apparel is designed to feel personalized; to adapt and conform to your body, becoming more attractive and comfortable over time. However, much of what we wear these days is synthetic, or fabricated with inferior, non-natural materials. Our clothing and footwear don’t always connect us to what is organic and genuine.

The Bastien 21199 moccasin boot is as authentic as it gets. Nothing about these ankle-height boots is artificial, from the history of their artisan-ship to the fit and design of their finest leather and hides.
Bastien Industries Moccasin Boots for Men crepe sole
All Bastien moccasins are crafted on the Indigenous Huron Village reservation in Wendake, Quebec, where descendants of the Huron-Wendake tribe continue the artistry and skill of their ancestors.
Wendake, Quebec Reserve
Photo Credit: Le Mag Quebec https://www.quebeclemag.com/les-meilleures-adresses/activite/experience-autochtone/site-traditionnel-huron-wendat/

Made with rich, caramel-coloured leather and a soft suede interior, the 21199 moccasin boot is supple and flexible, designed to form-fit your unique footprint the longer you wear it.
painted footprints
Its crepe sole is 100% natural rubber, providing greater comfort and insulation than synthetic rubber. The cushioned foam insole is sewn between double layers of leather for unsurpassed softness and support.
crepe rubber sole quality
The upper vamp is accented with handsome hand stitching, and rugged rawhide lacing for adjusting to your perfect fit.

Please click the link for additional details and sizing: https://www.leather-moccasins.com/products/mens-cow-hide-moccasin-boots
Authentic moccasin boots
Bastien’s 21199 moccasin boots are authentic in heritage, materials, concept and craftsmanship. You’ll notice and appreciate the difference. Naturally.
moccasin boots with cat in the background

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In response to Guylaine: S’il vous plaît, email l’address info@thebrownbear.ca et nous pouvons parler en français ou tu peux telephone 855-273-2181.

The Brown Bear

J’aime beaucoup vos mocassins.
Est ce possible d’avoir l’information en français, prix, détail de ka livraison.

Guylaine Gagnon

This replies to Cheryl: Yes! We have an entire website dedicated to earthing moccasins made by the same manufacturers in Canada as this website. Here is our sister website. www.theearthingstore.com

The Brown Bear

Do you have any moccasins without the rubber sole? I want a pair for grounding.


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